History Exam Timeline Terms

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  1. Missouri compromise
    • An agreement put forth by henry clay for
    • Missouri to enter the union as a slave state and Maine to enter the union as a free state.

    36' 30' line

    Mexican American War
  2. Compromise of 1850
    • Serves of 5 bills to save off sectional disputes
    • CA is free state
    • NM an UT popular sovereignty
    • Fugitive Slave Act**
    • TX cede lands to Mexico
    • Slave trade abolished in DC
  3. Fugitive Slave Act
    • Stipend from the government
    • People sold into slavery even after free
    • Positive thing for the South
  4. Kansas Nebraska Act
    • KS and NB could decide whether they would
    • allowed slavery in their state
    • Repealed MO compromise
    • Senator Stephen Douglas
    • Border ruffians come in to help decide the outcome of the state votes for free or slave
  5. Slavery continued past the date in the constitution because:
    • cotton gin
    • industrial revolution
    • continuation of slavery passed in 1807-1808
    • Westward expansion
  6. Status of Blacks after 1812
    • slaves decide to support the brits
    • 2 all black units in NY
    • Navy was the only branch that blacks could serve in
    • brits just made the slaves that fought with england during war of 1812 slaves again even though they promised freedom
  7. What percentage of the south owned slaves?
  8. What were the two types of slaves on a plantation:
    • House servants
    • field hands
  9. Ways that slaves rebelled:
    • played stupid
    • self mutilation
    • destruction of farm tools
    • sambo image
    • runaway
    • learning--knowledge is power!
    • suicide
    • murder master
  10. Abolitionist movement before 1831
    • fad
    • not large scale
    • only 2% of New england were abolitionists
  11. Why did the urgency abolitionist message change after 1831:
    • nat turner rebellion
    • abolitionist literature
  12. Freedom's Journal
    • Cornish and Rosserm
    • early literature
    • both african american
  13. Walker's Appeal
    uses parts of the constitution to make arguement against slavery
  14. Fredrick Douglas
    • powerful speaker
    • comes to the north
    • The North Star
  15. William Lloyd Garrison
    • people are more persuaded by him since he's white
    • published The Liberator
    • Creates the American-Anti-Slavery Society
  16. Stages of the Abolitionist Movement
    • Passive
    • Action
    • Violence
  17. Passive Abolitionist Movement?
  18. David Ruggles
    • From norwich
    • helped 600 slaves escape
    • out of new york
  19. Calvin Fairbanks
    • White
    • Went to Jail
  20. John Brown
    • harpers ferry
    • bleeding kansas border ruffian
  21. Causes of the Civil War
    • Sectionalism: belief that one part of the US was more important than the other
    • Expansion of slavery in the West: disturbed the balance
    • Slavery: underlying factor but the explicit reason for the war
  22. Why didn't Lincoln want to free the slaves immediately?
    • didn't want the north thinking that the only reason for fighting was for slavery--he would lose their support
    • afraid that if he let the slaves go then he would have to care for them
    • job competition
  23. Fremont
    tried to emancipate the slaves without Lincoln permission during the civil war
  24. Butler
    • confiscated the slaves from the south they are "contraband of war"
    • he wasn't freeing slaves technically
  25. Confiscation Act
    • First One: any slaves that aided the south were free
    • Only act during the civil war that explicitly freed the slaves
  26. 3 reasons why lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation:
    • wants to throw the south into a state of turmoil
    • he needs a new rallying cry in order to keep up the dying support to keep the union together
    • keep england out of the war
  27. emancipation proclamation and Britian
    • There was a naval blockade in the south by the north
    • The brits wanted to break the blockade in order to trade with the south.
    • The brits had freed their slaves. If they wanted
    • to join the south then everyone would look at the brits and say “they support the slaves!”
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