Dental Assiting Mod 140

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  1. True or False:
    In most states, expanded-functions dental assistants can place IRM and apply a provisional restoration.
  2. What type of restorations can glass ionomer be used in?
    Liners, Boning Agents, and Permanent Cements
  3. ________ composites conatain the largest particles and provide the greatest amount of strength.
  4. ___________ restorations are created in the dental lab.
  5. _________ is the most common ceramic used in the dentistry to make castings.
  6. What type of acid is used for etching solution?
    Malic Acid Etchant or a Phosphoric Acid Etchant
  7. What is the difference between dental varnish and calcium hydroxide?
    • Calcium Hydroxide is a frequently selected type of cavity liner.
    • Vanish is a Liqued that consists of one or more resins in an organic solvent.
  8. Palladium is a noble metal used for cast restorations. True or False.
    • True
    • Noble metal used for cast restorations consist of gold(Au), Palladium (Pd), and Platinum (Pt).
  9. How should a patient be instructed to care for a bridge?
    Brush carefully, floss all teeth, rince mouth with mouth wash
  10. Name three types of fixed prosthetic.
    Crown, Bridge, And Vaneer.
  11. What surfaces do inlays cover?
    A portion of the occlusal and primal surface.
  12. Under what circumstances is a fixed bridge recommended?
    When either one tooth or multiple teeth are missing with in the same quadrant.
  13. What is gingival retraction cord placed? Removed?
    • It is placed after the prep is completed. And
    • Its removed before the final impression.
  14. What is the final step in the crown and bridge process?
    Cementation of the crown or bridge.
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