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  1. Wrote utopia
    Sir Thomas More
  2. Diplomat whose book The Courtier gave nobles new rules for refined behavior in humanist society
    Baldassare Castiglione
  3. Accomplished in classics and man of action
    Ideal Renaissance man
  4. School of Athens
  5. Protected members from pirates, built lighthouses, and trained ship captains
    Handseatic League
  6. Perfected oil painting technique of Flemish school
    Jan van Eyck
  7. Painted everyday peasant scenes of life
    Pieter Brueghel the Elder
  8. Defender of the faith
    King Henry VIII (8)
  9. Protestant minority in France
  10. Ninety-five theses were written in Latin because:
    Intended for church leaders
  11. How did Teresa of Avila impact church?
    Inspired many would-be Protestants to remain in church
  12. How did Flemish school work differ from Renaissance painting?
    Flemish painters focused on details of everyday life, while Italian painters showed mythological scenes
  13. What did the leader of the Protestant reformation want to change within catholic church?
    • -Martin Luther
    • -95 theses
    • Problems:
    • - indulgences
    • -no need to confess to priest
    • -didn't believe in purgatory
  14. Charles de'Avenant
  15. Ultimate goal of early Portuguese explorers was to
    Find water route around Africa to India
  16. Increase in business activity due to colonization caused:
    New class of wealthier merchants emerged in Europe
  17. English Colony started by the pilgrims
  18. How did Europeans justify slavery
  19. What enabled the Ottomans to expand beyond Anatolia
    Powerful military and gunpowder weapons
  20. What caused the English Civil War?
    Charles I's decision to arrest Puritan leaders in Parliament for treason
  21. Why were Willism and Mary crowned king and queen of England?
    To prevent a Catholic Monarch from occupying the throne
  22. As a result of the seven year's war, _______ emerged as the strongest military power in Europe
  23. First of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia
  24. New way if thinking in the mid-1500s is:
    Scientific Revolution
  25. Sons of liberty Boston tea party to:
    Protest tax on tea
  26. What event caused the great fear?
    Fall of the Bastille
  27. Why did King Louis XVI call a meeting of the Estates General to be held in spring 1789?
    Get approval for new taxes on third estate
  28. What is the correct sequence of legislative bodies that governed France, from first to last?
    National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, National Convention, Directory
  29. Part of legacy of French Revolution was:
    Has inspired people to fight for their rights in other parts of the world.
  30. What European campaign was a disaster for Napoleon?
    Russian Campaign
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