Psych Ch. 17 Final

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  1. Psychotherapy
    any treatment by therapists used to help troubled people overcome their problems
  2. Psychoanalysis
    therapy for making patients aware of their unconscious motives so they can gain control over their behavior
  3. Free association
    • method used to exsamine unconscious
    • patient instructed to say whatever comes to their mind
  4. Humanistic therapy
    • focuses on value, dignity, & worth of each person
    • holds that healthy living is the result of realizing one's full potential
  5. Cognitive therapy
    using thoughts to control emotions & behaviors
  6. Behavior therapy
    changing undesirable behavior through conditioning techniques
  7. Group therapy
    patients work together with the aid of a leader to resolve interpersonal problems
  8. Family therapy
    Where the family unit works at group therapy
  9. Cognitive-behavior therapy
    • combination of substituting healthy thoughts for negative thoughts/beliefs
    • changing disruptive behaviors in favor of healthy behaviors
  10. Drug therapy
    biologival therapy that uses medications
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