English Vocab 9

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  1. lucent
    shining, permitting light to pass through-translucent
  2. lucid
    clearly expressed, logical
  3. elucidate
    to clarify
  4. pellucid
  5. luminary
    an object, like sun or moon, that gives light
  6. luminescence
    light emitted by means other than burning, such as chemical or biochemical action or radiation
  7. muster
    to assemble people
  8. remonstrate
    to speak in protest or disapproval
  9. umbrage
    extreme offense, resentment
  10. adumbrate
    to give a sketchy outline. to foreshadow indistinctly
  11. denigrate
    to speak derogatively of someone's character or reputation, to defame, to disparage
  12. necromancy
    the art of predicting events by allegedly communicating with the dead, black magic, witchcraft, sorcery
  13. pall
    a cover for a coffin; a coffin especially one with a body in it; anything that covers, darkens, obscures, or makes gloomy; to become dull, tiresome, or lifeless
  14. palliate
    to make a situation, especially an offense, seem less serious; to make excuses for something or someone; to make less sever; to alleviate
  15. pallid
    deficient in color, having an abnormally pale complexion; lacking color, vitality, or interest; dull
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