Unit 1 Bone Terms

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  1. Functions of skeleton
    • support
    • movement protection
    • storage of minerals
    • production of blood cells
  2. support
    for the soft tissues of the body
  3. movement
    bones serve as levers and joints as flucra
  4. protection
    to vital organs
  5. storage of minerals
    calcium and phosphorus
  6. production of blood cells
  7. osteocyte
    mature bone cells
  8. osteoclasts
    tear down bone
  9. osteoblasts
    build new bone
  10. diaphysis
  11. epiphysis
    found at both proximal and distal ends of long bones
  12. epiphyseal line
    where the epiphysis and the diaphysis fuse after the cartilaginous epiphyseal plate is no longer needed to increase bone length
  13. spongy (cancellous) bone
    contains red marrow in the proximal epiphysis; the blood cell producing red marrow is also found in spongy bone of flat bones
  14. compact bone
    the external coat of solid bone
  15. periosteum
    fascial covering found on all bones
  16. yellow marrow
    mostly fat. In the medulary cavity of the femur, lined with endosteum; some osteoclasts are found here
  17. nutrient artery
    entering nutrient foramen (hole) of bone
  18. process
    a roughened bony prominence usually serving as the site for attachment for muscles or connective tissue
  19. trochanter
    relatively large, blunt type of process found only on the femur
  20. tuberosity
    a large, blunt or rounded process
  21. tubercle
    a small, blunt or rounded provess
  22. spine
    a pointed projection of bone
  23. crest
    a prominent border that may be rough
  24. fossa
    a saucer-like depression
  25. foramen
    a hole in a bone: size is extremely variable
  26. head
    a round articular surface joined to the shaft of the bone by a constriction, the neck (articular)
  27. condyle
    a smooth structure, either concave or convex, joined directly to the shaft of a long bone (articular)
  28. facet
    a smooth surface for articulation (articular)
  29. articular
    refers to a joint, so indicates bones are joined
  30. inguinal ligament
    very important landmark structure extends from the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to the pubic tubercle. It divides the trunk from the thigh. p40
  31. sacrospinous ligament
    sacrum to ischial spine
  32. sacrotuberous ligament
    sacrum to ischial tuberosity
  33. false pelvis
    space above the pelvic brim and between the iliac bones
  34. true pelvis
    inferior to pelvic brim, between the pelvic bones
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