Unit 1 Muscles

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  1. Muscle functions
    • production of movement
    • production of heat
    • maintenance of posture
  2. production of movement
    such as the large muscle action required in walking, as well as less obvious motion such as that involved in changing the size of blood vessels or the pupil of the eye
  3. production of heat
    the result of the mechanical contraction. This heat is necessary in the maintenance of the body temperature
  4. maintenance of posture
    ability to hold the boy in stationary positions. This is possible because skeletal muscles are always ina state of partial contraction, called tonus (muscle tone)
  5. tonus
    state of partial contraction, muscle tone
  6. types of muscle
    • cardiac muscle
    • visceral muscle
    • skeletal muscle
  7. cardiac muscle
    formed exclusively in the heart. This tissue is characterized by its involuntary action and striated appearance when seen under a microscope
  8. visceral (smooth) muscle
    associated with internal structures such as blood vessels and the digestive tube. It is also involuntary but it does not have striated appearance
  9. skeletal muscle
    muscle type that attaches to the bones of the skeleton. It is usually voluntary and is striated
  10. characteristics of muscle
    • contractility
    • irritability - will respond to a stimulus
    • extensibility - can stretch
    • elastic - comes back to resting length
  11. Parts of muscle
    • muscle belly
    • origin
    • insertion
  12. roles of skeletal muscle in action
    • prime mover (agonist)
    • antagonist
    • synergist
    • fixator
  13. prime mover
    • agonist
    • major agent that initiates and maintains a particular action
  14. antagonist
    opposes the movement of the prime mover or initiates and maintains the converse of the prime movement
  15. actions produced by skeletal muscle
    • flexion
    • extension
    • abduction
    • adduction
    • rotation
    • circumduction
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