ALPS Certification

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  1. State the three Learning Styles and describe the difference between each style.
    • Visual Learner: use ideas, concepts, data & other information associated with images, & techniques to learn.
    • Auditory Learner: rely on listening to learn new learn information or skills. Reading a page in a book might not work for them but they do well listening to lectures or others reading.
    • Kinesthetic Learner: "tacile learners" learn by carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or merely watching a demonstration.
  2. State the three generations types and list one trait for each one.
    Baby Boomers: 1946-1964 "need to know you care"

    Generation X: 1965-1980 " Don't want politically correct", just be direct

    Millennial: 1981-2000 "Need frequent & instantaneous feedback"
  3. List the four levels of learning, and what each level allows the learners to gain.
    Awareness: of the new concept or desired behavior (Able to recognize the new concept or behavior)

    Knowledge: of the new concept or desired behavior: (Able to recall the new concept or behavior)

    Skill: in doing the desired behavior (able to do the behavior)

    Mastery: of the desired behavior (able to do behavior consistently in applicable situations)

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ALPS Certification
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ALPS Certification

ALPS Certification
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