Cosmetology Chapters 25 & 26 Review

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  1. Nail creams can penetrate the nail plate or skin and will have longer-lasting effects than oils.
  2. The relaxing massage movement that should be perfected, varied, and expertly used during the manicure is:
  3. When filing the toenail during a pedicure, the nails should be filed:
    straight across with rounded corners
  4. A product used in the pedicure bath to cleanse and soften the skin is:
    foot soak
  5. In the 1980s, pedicures exploded onto service menus and became the fastest-growing service in the industry.(T/F)
  6. The hand massage is the last step in a perfect manicure.(T/F)
  7. Which type of nail polish remover is recommended when removing nail polish from nail enhancements such as wraps?
  8. A metal file that is designed to file in one direction is a:
    nail rasp
  9. The massage technique used most often in a pedicure is:
  10. A paddle is an implement used in manicures and pedicures to trim tags of dead skin.(T/F)
  11. A disposable supply provided to clients to avoid smudging toenail polish after a pedicure are:
    paper or foam slippers
  12. Work on the foot on the client’s nondominant side first, because it usually needs more soaking and attention. (T/F)
  13. To bevel the nail, hold a medium-grit abrasive board at a:
    45-degree angle
  14. Which of the following is ideal for use around the edges of the big toe nail?
  15. At a minimum, the disinfecting of foot spas should be performed:
    After Each Client.
  16. Which of the following is shaped like a two-sided nail file, long and narrow, with one or two additional grit abrasives and a final shine surface?
    two-way buffer
  17. Containers that create the perfect environment for pathogens to grow and reproduce are:
  18. Toenail clippers that are the most effective should have jaws with a:
    fine point
  19. A petroleum by-product that has excellent sealing properties to hold moisture in the skin is:
  20. Small, scoop-shaped implement used for more efficient removal of debris from the nail folds, eponychium, and hyponychium areas-
  21. Metal implement with a grooved edge used for filing and smoothing the edges of the nail plate-
  22. The greatest success applying nail polish is achieved by using:
    4 Coats
  23. Dry skin and calluses should be gently removed from the ball and heel of the foot using a(n)
    Foot file
  24. Nail hardeners that are useful for thin, weak nail plates and that should never be applied to hard, rigid, or brittle nail plates contain
    methylene glycol
  25. Vinyl gloves often shred into pieces when used to apply some lotions (T/F)
  26. Natural nails should be filed
    From side to center.
  27. Cotton used on the end of a wooden pusher should be changed
    after each use
  28. Involves the use of highly concentrated, non-oily, and volatile essential oils
  29. Tools used to perform manicure services that are either reusable or disposable
  30. Incorporates various strokes that manipulate or press one layer of tissue over another
  31. Stainless steel implement used to carefully trim away dead skin around the nails
  32. Used to remove cuticle tissue from the nail plate, to clean under the free edge of the nail, or to apply products
    Wooden Pusher
  33. Tiny, often unseen openings in the skin, which can allow microbes to enter the skin, leading to infection
  34. Succession of strokes in which the hands glide over an area of the body with varying degrees of pressure or contact
  35. Spa manicures include a relaxing massage and some form of:
  36. Hot paraffin baths should not be given to clients with:
    Poor Circulation
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