Cellular Respiration

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  1. What is the equation for cellular respiration?
    6O2+C6H12O6 -> 6CO2+ATP
  2. Where does glycolysis occur?
  3. Where does the krebs cycle occur?
  4. Where does the electron transport chain occur?
  5. What are the raw materials of glycolysis?
    • Glucose
    • 2ATP
    • 2NAD+
  6. What are the raw materials of the krebs cycle?
    • NAD+
    • FAD
    • Pyruvic Acid
  7. What are the raw materials of the electron transport chain?
    • O2
    • 8NADH
    • 2FAD2
  8. What are the products of glycolysis?
    • 2 Pyruvic Acid
    • 2NADH
    • 4ATP
  9. What are the products of the krebs cycle?
    • 2ATP
    • CO2
  10. What are the products of the electron transport chain?
    • 2H2O
    • 32ATP
  11. What is cellular respiration?
    The process of releasing energy by breaking down food
  12. What is fermentation?
    The process that releases energy from food in the absense of O2
  13. What are the two types of fermentation?
    What are the reactants and products of each?
    Where do they occur?
    • Alcoholic Fermentation
    • Pyruvic Acid + NADH -> Alcohol + CO2 + NAD+
    • Occurs in yeast cells

    • Lactic Acid Fermentation
    • Pyruvic Acid + NADH -> Lactic Acid + NAD+
    • Occurs in muscle cells when they run out of O2
    • Causes pain and soreness
  14. What are some differences between photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
    • Photosynthesis
    • Plants
    • Use sun to make energy
    • Takes in light, H2O &CO2
    • Gives off glucose & O2

    • Cellular Respiration
    • Done by every living thing
    • Turns food into energy
    • Takes in glucose & O2
    • Gives off CO2 & water
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