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  1. how do depressants usually make people feel?
  2. is alcohol considered a depressant?
  3. what slows the activiteis of the nervous system?
  4. what increases the activity of the nervous system?
  5. Preconscious
    ideas which are not in your awareness but can be recalled
  6. Altered State of conscoiusness
    this is where a person's sense of themselves or the world changes
  7. Mesmerize
    to hold in rapt attention, to caprture the attention completely
  8. Nonconscious
    things controlled by the mind, such as basic bodily functions, of which you have no awareness
  9. Unconscoius
    information in this part of the mind is hidden from conscious until recalled consciusly
  10. hypnosis
    an altered state of consciousness where people respond to any question and act as if in a trance.
  11. consciousness
    the awareness of things that are both inside and outside ourselves
  12. circadian ryhthm
    this recurring time period involved everything which occurs within a day, in humans
  13. direct inner awareness
    awareness of emotions, thoughts, memories, and images
  14. defense mechanism
    strategies used to push painful or unacceptable ideas out of consciousness
  15. how do scientists distinguish between different stages of sleep?
    by using measurements of brain wave patterns
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