World History Vocab Quiz

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  1. Petition of Right
    stated 4 ancient liberties: 1) the king couldn't tax people without the agreement of Parliament 2) he could not declare martial law 3) he could not board soldiers in private houses during peacetime 4) he could not imprison a person with out a specific charge
  2. Navigation Act of 1651
    required that all goods shipped to England from other countries be carried by English ships or by ships of the producing country
  3. Habeas corpus
    Latin for "you may have the body"
  4. Tories
    Political party
  5. Whigs
    political party; wanted a strong parliament and opposed having a catholic ruler
  6. Stamp Act
    law imposed a tax, in the form of a stamp, on everything
  7. Toleration Act
    granted some religious freedom to Dissenters, Protestants, who weren't members of the Angelican church
  8. Articles of Confederation
    set up a central government, with a one-house Congress in which each state had a single vote
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