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  1. How many degrees of travel does the Aileron have to move before the Spoilers begin to activate?
    5 Degrees
  2. Rudder Trim Activates through What?
    Nose Wheel Steering Bungee
  3. How Many Trim tabs on the Ailerons? Elevator, Rudder?
    • One on each side of the Elevator
    • One on the Right Aileron
    • None on the Rudder, Only bungee
  4. During walkaround you notice Red block hanging from front top of nosewheel Strut
    Nosewheel was oversteered and may be damaged
  5. Position Of Fire Warning CB
    G1000 - 3rd down 2nd in

    Legacy - 4th down 7th in
  6. Stall horn sounds how many knots above the stall?
    5kts -10kts in all configurations
  7. How many Test Detector Loops in the engine compartment fire warning system?
  8. What does "Flat Rated" mean when referring to Engine HP
    Constant HP over range of Altitude and Temps
  9. Why must the prop not be allowed to windmill in the breeze?
    Because all accesories except Prop governor and prop Tacho are run from compressor turbine. Hence no Oil being cirulated with only Power Turbine spinning
  10. What RPM does the Reduction gearbox reduce from & to?
    33,000 at the power Turbine, through two stages of reduction to 1,900 at the prop
  11. Engine Lubrication system consists of what 3 systems?
    • Pressure System
    • Scavenge System
    • Breather System
  12. Prop lever gives what min RPM when set just above the gate?
    1600 RPM
  13. Low Idle and High Idle settings of the Fuel Condition Lever give what Ng values?
    Low Idle - 52%

    High Idle - 65%
  14. Is the EPL connected to the FCU?
    No! It delivers fuel directly to the combustion chamber.
  15. Overspeed Governer test limits are what?
    1750 +/- 60RPM
  16. What would indicate a prop governor failure
    Prop Lever does nothing, and RPM stuck at 1900
  17. What two instances see the Ignitors come on?
    Ignition switch to ON or Starter switch to START
  18. At what Ng does the start cycle terminate and the starter come offline?
    46% Ng - controlled by speed sensor switch in the Starter/Generator
  19. When should you have the ignition on?
    • Air Start without Starter assist
    • Ops on water covered runways
    • Heavy rain
    • Reservior fuel low Announciator
  20. When does Fuel System Warning Horn go off and "Fuel Selector Off" announciator light up?
    • Both Taps are off
    • One of During Start or Motor
    • One Tap Off with fuel less than 25 Gals in the open tank
  21. Firewall Shutoff Valve controls What?
    All fuel flow from the Reservior to the Engine
  22. How many fuel Nozzels are there?
    • 10 Primary
    • 4 Secondary
  23. EPA Cans collects what?
    Fuel Rejected by the engine during shutdown sequence
  24. Boost pump comes online when Pressure in the Fuel Mainfold drops below what?
    4.75 psi
  25. How many fuel level sensors are in each wing tank.
    • 4 a side on the Legacy
    • 2 a side on the G1000
  26. Micron value of fuel screen before and filter after engine driven fuel pump?
    • 74 Micron inlet screen going into Pump
    • 10 Micron filter exiting Pump (Bypass valve if blocked)
  27. Battery type and Voltage
    24 Volt Lead Acid
  28. Generator Voltage and Amperage
    • 28 Volt
    • 300 Amp
  29. Alternator Voltage and Amperage
    • 27 Volt
    • 75 Amp
  30. What does the Generator Control Unit GNU do?
    Provides automatic starter cutoff when Ng rises above 46%

    • Below 46% - Starter
    • Ubove 46% - Generator
  31. Ground Power Monitor illuminates Voltage Low Annunciator when?
    Bus Voltage drops to Battery Voltage
  32. How does Payload Extender effect Va, Ramp, Takeoff, and Landing weights?
    • Va 148-143
    • Ramp 8785 - 9097
    • Takeoff 8750 - 9062
    • Landing 8500 - 9000
  33. CDI Scale settings for Departure and Approach phases
    Scale 0.3 nm Full delfection. Chnage to Approach happens within 2.0nm of FAF
  34. CDI Scale for Terminal mode
    1.0nm Full Deflection - out to 30nm from airfield to airfield
  35. CDI Sacle for EnRoute phase of flight
    2.0nm Full deflection - past 30nm from either airfield
  36. Red Chevrons in Unusual attitude appear after what limitations in pitch have been reached?
    • 50 deg nose up
    • 30 deg nose down
  37. Traffic Symbol White Diamond with Black center Diamond means what?
    Non Threatening Traffic

    • > 5nm
    • &
    • +/-1200ft
  38. Traffic Symbol all White Diamond means what?
    Proximity Advisory

    Within 5nm and 1200ft but NOT considered a threat.
  39. Traffic Symbol all Yellow Circle means whats?
    Traffic Advisory!

    Potential hazard - Closing Rate, Distance, andd Vertical Separation meet TA Criteria
  40. Traffic Symbol Half Yellow Half Grey circle means what?
    Traffic Advisory! but Off Scale

    Potential hazard - Closing Rate, Distance, andd Vertical Separation meet TA Criteria
  41. Weather Radar Precipitaion in Inches/Hr with Different Colours Displayed
    • Green--- 0.01 - 0.1
    • Yellow--- 0.1 - 0.5
    • Red------ 0.5 - 2
    • Magenta- >2
  42. Terrain Awarness - Meanings of Different Colours?
    Black - > 1000ft

    Yellow - 100ft - 1000ft

    Red - <100ft or terrain above
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