Abbreviated Comm Terms

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  1. Abridge

    Syn: Condense, Curtail, abbreviate
  2. Compendium
    A collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject.

    Syn: Summary, synopsis, abridgement
  3. Cursory
    Hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed

    Syn: Superficial, perfunctory, shallow
  4. Curtail
    Reduce in extent or quantity, restrict

    Syn: Shorten, reduce, abridge, abbreviate, retrench
  5. Syllabus
    An outline of subjects in a course of study

    Syn: Summary, outline, curriculum
  6. Synopsis
    A brief summary or general survey of something

    Syn: Summary, abstract, digest, precis, resume
  7. Terse
    Sparing in the use of words

    Syn: Concise, laconic, Succinct, brief, short
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