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  1. What is the definition of New South?
    term used in the South to describe the new economy and expansion they hoped for after Reconstruction
  2. What is Bourbon Triumvirate? And who were the men involved in it?
    John B. Gordon, Alfred H. Colquitt, Joseph E. Brown, who controlled the Democratic Party in Georgia from the 1870's to the 1890's
  3. Who was Henry Grady?
    (1850-1889) the managing editor of the Atlanta Constitution in the 1880's, he promoted the idea of the "New South." Proponents of this idea supported expanding southern industries, growing fewer cash crops and more food crops, and accepting northern investment
  4. What is the International Cotton Exposition?
    designed for southern business leaders to showcase their industries and show that the South was an equal player in the national economy
  5. Who is Tom Watson?
    (1856-1922) a state senator from the Populist Party, he argued that the industrialization of the New South did little to improve the lives of Georgia's small farmers. Although initially supportive of African Americans, later he became bitterly antagonistic to them
  6. What is a Populist?
    political group formed in 1892 that supported free coinage of silver, work reforms, immigration restrictions, and government ownership of railroads and telegraph and telephone systems
  7. Who is Rebecca Latimer Felton?
    (1835-1930) Progressive era campaigner for women's rights and causes such as prohibition and compulsory school attendence, she became the first women to serve in he U.S. Senate
  8. What was the 1906 Atlanta Riot?
    it was when a white mob descended on the African Americans neighborhoods in Atlanta, attacking people and destroying homes and businesses. African Americans fought back, but were outnumbered. 25 to 40 African Americans were killed and thousands left the city for the safety of the countryside
  9. What is the county unit system?
    a method of selecting Democratic candidates for general elections
  10. Who is Booker T. Washington?
    (1856-1915) an early African American leader for racial equality who suggested that African Americans should improve themselves through education and gain economic strength before demanding the same rights as whites. He founded the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, a vocational school for African Americans
  11. Who is W. E. B. Du Bois?
    (1868-1963) one of the founding members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NCAAP) in 1909, he was an African American civil rights activist. He believed that African Americans deserved equal access to political, social, and economic resources
  12. Who is John Hope?
    (1868-1936) an important African American educator, he supported liberal education for blacks. He served as the first African-American president of Morehouse College of Atlanta University, the nation's first graduate school exclusively for African Americans
  13. Who is Lugenia Burns Hope?
    (1871-1947) the wife of John Hope, she created the Neighborhood Union, an organization that worked to improve living conditions for African Americans. She also worked as an antilynching activist
  14. Who is Alonzo F. Herndon?
    (1858-1927) an African American entrepreneur, he took advantage of business opportunity created by the refusal of whites to work for or provide services for African Americans. In 1905 he founded the Atlanta Mutual Insurance Association, which sold insurance policies to African Americans. Eventually it became the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, one of the most successful black-owned insurance companies in the country
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