English Midterm

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  1. Russian satiellite
  2. Brings coal out of mine and puts it into a train car
  3. Sonny played the _________ in marching band.
    percussion (drums)
  4. Where did the fuel for Sonny's first rocket come from?
    Cherry Bombs
  5. Sonny's rocket club was called_________.
    BCMA (Big Creek Missle Agency)
  6. How many students were allowed to take the calculus class?
  7. Good looking and has his own car
    Roy Lee
  8. small, excitable, and has insationable cupidity
  9. Smart; nerd
  10. had polio
  11. last to join the BCMA
  12. Pastor of the black congregation
    Little Richard
  13. prostetute; saved Sonny from freezing
    Geneva Eggers
  14. High School Principal
    Mr. Turner
  15. "Comforts" Sonny
    Valentine Carmena
  16. Sonny meets this person at the National Science Fair
    Orville "Tex"
  17. This man built Coalwood and found the first coal
    William Laird "The Captain"
  18. Temporary Mine Superintendent
    Mr. Fuller
  19. Jack Finney
    Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket
  20. Louise Erdrich
    The Leap
  21. Laila Lalami
    The Trip
  22. Stephen Vincent Benet
    By the Waters of Babylon
  23. Richard Erodoes and Alfonso Ortiz
    Coyote Kills the Giant
  24. Jane Goodall
    In the Shadow of Man
  25. Wall Street Journal
    What your Pet is Thinking
  26. Juilia Alvarez
  27. National Geographic Kids
  28. "I am John. Son of John"
    By the Water of Babylon
  29. Giant that has a heart the size of a volcano
    Coyote Kills the Giant
  30. "Thunder and Lightning hits the pole"
    The Leap
  31. "I will ask mother to sell her gold to finance the trip."
    The Trip
  32. This little girl in this selection thinks that a bomb hit when it starts to snow.
  33. Alice Walker
    Everday Use
  34. Tim O'Brien
    Where Have you Gone, Charming Billy
  35. Amy Tan
    Two Kinds
  36. Bernard Malamud
    The First Seven Years
  37. Khaled Hosseini
    The Kite Runner
  38. Farah Ahmedi (with Tamim Ansary)
    Escape from Afghanistan
  39. npr.org
    MLK's Legacy: An Interview with Congressman John Lewis
  40. Story Corps
    A Young Boy's Stand on a New Orleans Streetcar
  41. Feld, Sobel, Miriam and Max
    The First Seven Years
  42. Maggie, Mama, and Wangero
    Everyday Use
  43. Hassan and Amir
    The Kite Runner
  44. Mom has a prostetic limb
    Escape from Afghanistan
  45. "This event took place 5 years before Rosa Parks' incident happened"
    A Young Boy's Stand on a New Orleans Streetcar
  46. Doris Kearns
    Team of Rivals
  47. Gordin Parks
    A Choice of Weapons
  48. Frank McCourt
    Typhoid Fever
  49. Barbara Kingsolver
    High Tide in Tuscon
  50. Jon Krakaeur
    Into Thin Air
  51. Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn
    102 minutes
  52. Isabel Allende
    And of Clay we are Created
  53. Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon
    The 9/11 Report: the Graphic Adaptation
  54. Autobiography
    Typhoid Fever
  55. Dormant volcano erupted
    And of Clay We are Created
  56. Setting: Washington D.C. 1940's
    A Choice of Weapons
  57. criticized the fact that people were told not to evacuate the South Tower
    The 9/11 Report: the Graphic Adaptation
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