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  1. How long after Department nail and mail or serve relative friend charges and they are files are they considered served?
    3 Days
  2. If MOS are served charges first then GO 15ed when does the suject officer receive copy of GO 15 tape?
    5 days
  3. If subject served charges when must subject be GO 15ed?
    10 days before trial
  4. Who notifies counseling service when a member is placed on modified, suspended or has firearms removed because unfit? when?
    • A supervisory officer
    • Direct during normal business hours, at other times through sick desk
  5. How long does a subject officer of a "Dole for cause" have to request a retest? Who do you request from?
    60 Days from Department Advocate in writting
  6. 206-05 When a MOS has charges and specs and is suspended how long does supervisor preferring charges have to notify IAB and send a package to Department Advocate?
    48 hours
  7. 206-09 Who prepares the charges for a civilian that is AWOL?
  8. 206-02 How long does an ICO/ICO Asst. have to enter info into the Citywide Command Discipline system?
    How long do they have to enter adjudication entries?
    • 1) within 5 working days of issuance of command discipline
    • 2) within 5 working days of the adjudication of CD
  9. When does supervisor submit report of suspension of civilian MOS to 1st Dep, Chief of Dept, Dep. Comm of Trials, Dept Advocate, Civilian members CO?
    within 24 hrs
  10. 206-05 What must be done within 48 hrs if an MOS is supended?
    • 1)Notify IAB and get log #
    • 2)Send package to Dept Advocate
  11. 206 When are guilty schedule A CD's removed from file? Schedule B? Charges?
    • A 1 yr if no subsequent disposition
    • B 3 yr if no sched B or charges
    • charges=Never
  12. 206-09 Who makes the Command log entry for suspended CMOS?
    Supervisor at Operations
  13. 206 How long does MOS have to choose options on CD?
    3 working days
  14. How long can off duty employment be revoked for (for disciplinary reasons)?
    30 days
  15. When are suspended UMOS directed to report to resident pct? (Below rank of Capt)
    Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday when not on sick
  16. 206-05 Who signs charges?
    CO and supervisor preferring charges
  17. 206-08 Who does a supervisor submit immediately report of UMOS suspended Direct?
    • 1st Dep (x2)
    • Dep Com of Trials
    • Chief of Personnel
    • Dept Advocate
    • Members CO
    • Chief of Dept
  18. 206-8 What Department property is removed from a suspended and modified UMOS?
    • Suspended: All, gun, shield, ID
    • Modified: All except Patrol Guide, gun, shield, ID (gets new ID card)
  19. 206-01 Where does the command discipline serial number come from?
    from members command
  20. How long does CO/XO have to adjudicate CD?
    60 calendar days absent exigencies
  21. 206-11 What 4 things must an arrested MOS tell their CO every 30 days?
    • 1. Adjournment Date
    • 2.Final Disposition
  22. 206-01 If discipline is to be taken for lost/failure to safeguard gun what must be done?
    consultation with Department Advocate
  23. 206 Up to how many assignments out of command and travel time can be stopped for disciplinary reasons?
    5 assignments
  24. 206-07 When must a Sgt or above suspend a UMOS or CMOS?
    • Doel test failure
    • Order refusal
    • GO 15 refuse to answer
    • Club patronize (6 things)
    • AWOL
    • Roll call refusal
  25. 206-08 Who maintains a list of uniform MOS who are suspended and are required to report to the resident precinct?
  26. ICO
  27. 206-02 How long does a UMOS have to accept or decline CO recommendations for Command Discipline?
    within in 3 days
  28. If subject MOS fails to pickup charges and the Departmebnt nail and mail or serve a relative/friend where is proof of service filed with?
    Either DC Trials or CO of Operations
  29. 206-10 When should a supervisor tell a UMOS on modified assignment to report to Personnel Orders Section?
    next business day at 0900 hrs in Civilian clothes
  30. 206-15 When can a UMOS request disciplinary charges be sealed? to whom?
    • Not earlier than 2 yrs following final decision after trial
    • Direct to CO Dept Advocates Office
  31. 206-06 Where is proof of service for charges and specs filed?
    Dep Comm Trials or the CO Operations Unit
  32. 206-08 If doubt exists regarding reporting by UMOS to resident pct who should ICO contact?
    Dept Advocate Office, Trial Calendar Unit
  33. IO 9s.05 Who maintains the citywide CD system?
  34. 206-14 When can a MOS submit request to seal founded schedule B CD's to whom?
    3rd anniversary from date of disposition to CO
  35. 206-07 When must a sgt or above suspend a UMOS or CMOS?
    • Doel test refusal
    • Order refusal
    • GO 15 refuse to answer
    • Club
    • AWOL 5 consecutive tours
    • Roll call or during tour refusal assignment
  36. 206-09 Who receives a 49 for suspended civilian?
    • 1st Dep
    • DC Trials
    • Dep Advocate
    • Chief of Dept
    • MOS CO
  37. 206 Who decides if transcript is made from a GO 15? If its made when must the MOS get a copy?
    • Dept Advocate
    • by 1000 hrs morning of trial
  38. 206-08 Who makes a command log entry for suspended UMOS and for CMOS?
    • UMOS-ranking officer
    • CMOS-supervisor at operations
  39. 206-01 What are the schedule B CD's?
    • Failure to give name and shield to requestor
    • Omitted A/L Entry
    • Other deemed appropriate by CO/XO (after notification to Boro Adjunct & consult with Dept Advocate)
    • Department Property-Loss of
    • Radio-fail to respond, acknowledge or give disposition back promptly
    • Alcohol in Dept facility or vehicle
    • Prisoner failure to safeguard
    • Activity Log loss of
    • Shield loss of
  40. 206-01 What are the 2 A CD's added regarding Deptartment Parking Permit?
    • Use/display ANY Dept issued parking permit while off duty/not official business
    • and
    • Failure to return permit when 1) It expires, 2) you get assigned to MELD or 3) you're transferred
  41. 206-01 Where are substantiated B CD's filed?
    Department Advocate and Disciplinary Assessment Unit
  42. 206-01 What penalty can Borough reveiw panal give regarding CD's
    Reduce, retain or double
  43. IO9s05 Where can ICO and Asst go to personally enter data into citywide CD database if commands dont WAN dont work?
    Next higher command
  44. IO9s05Within how many days of adjudication does CO have to reveiw and finalize CD records in citywide CD database?
    5 working days
  45. IO 24s2011 Where does CO return "CO reveiw of MOS involved in disciplinary matter"?
    Either Dept Advocate or EMD
  46. 205-30 IO10s06 Under what circumstances is a IAB log number given for a Dole for Cause?
    When CO Duty Capt calls IAB not when the suspecting MOS calls direct
  47. 205-30 After permission is given to order Dole for cause test the supervisor investigating must obtain a serial number from where? if closed?
    from Medical division, if closed the Sick Desk Supervisor
  48. 205-35 When can an MOS be eligible for voluntary Dole?
    When an allegation was made, Investigation took place, but Reasonable Suspicioni was not found
  49. 206-07 When can a Capt or above modify or suspend a UMOS?
    • (AICUP)
    • Arrested
    • Indicted
    • Charges for serious misconduct
    • Unfit for duty
    • Patronize an unlicensed premise
  50. 206-07 If there are law questions regarding cause for suspension who do you call?
  51. 206-07 Where do you call if there are questions regarding procedure of cause of suspension?
    Deptartment Advocate
  52. 206-08 If UMOS submits an "Agreement to Accept Service of Notice" form in resident pct who fowards copy to Department Advocates office?
  53. 206-08 If UMOS submits a "Agreement to Accept Service of Notice" at Department Advocates office who does Advocate personnel notify?
    DO of resident precinct
  54. 206-08/09 When is a 49 done for suspended UMOS and CMOS?
    • UMOS: Immediately
    • CMO:24 hrs
  55. 206-08/09 Where is restoration of suspension addressed and sent to?
    addressed to 1st Dep given to Department Advocate
  56. 205-47 Who makes the "removal" for for "non discipline" removal cases?
    Medical div
  57. 206-17 Who makes "removal" form for gun removal of a suspended or modified UMOS?
    Do command of surrender
  58. 205-47 For wich type of firearm removal is additional firearms including shotguns or rifles?
    Non disciplinary removal
  59. 205-47 What is on firearms voucher for non disciplinary removal of firearms?
    "Property of UMOS not to be returned without approval of CO Medical Division"
  60. 205-47 What is on voucher for firearm removal for a suspended or modified UMOS (or surgeon thinks you cant handle a gun)?
    "Not to be returned without approved copy of removal restoration of firearms report (Part B) is presented"
  61. 205-47 What does DO put in command log entry when UMOS voluntarily leaves firearms at the command?
    • Make COmmand Log entry each tour UMOS safeguards firearms and include:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Rank
    • Name
    • Tax#
    • Serial # of all firearms
  62. IO31s01 What happens if a UMOS refuses to prepare "Acknowledgement or responsibilities Concerning Court Order limiting firearms possession"?
    UMOS will be modified
  63. 206-11 If an MOS is arrested outside of city who do they notify?
  64. 206-11 What 4 things does an arrested MOS tell their CO?
    • 1)Adjournment Date
    • 2)Final Disposition
    • 3) If appealed
    • 4)Disposition of Appeal
  65. 206-11 What 2 trafic violations summonses does an MOS have to give their CO a copy of if they were served?
    Driving while Impaired and Leaving the Scene
  66. 206-15Exonerated and unfounded charges are automatically sealed by IAB off of CPI but are available to which units?
    • IAB
    • Legal Bureau
    • Early Intervention
  67. 207-30 How many copies of CCRB form and statistical form are prepared?
    • CCRB 4 typed copies
    • Statistical 2 typed copies
  68. 207-30 What is in the command log entry for CCRB?
    • CCRB number received from intake
    • Time complaint received at Precinct
    • ID of complaintant
    • Complaintant physical condition
    • ID of subject cop
  69. 206-06 Where does CO get 2 log #'s from for charges and specs?
    IAB and Bureau
  70. 206-06 What is on 49 addressed to 1st Dep sent to advocate for charges and specs?
    • 2 log # IAB and Bureau
    • 2 Schedules Supv and MOS
    • 1 Lawyer
    • and Basis
  71. 206 Who signs for charges upon return from advocates office?
    CO and Supv
  72. 206 After CO date stamps where is 49 sent to and within how long for charges and specs?
    to Borough within 48 hrs
  73. 206 How long does CO have to send CO reveiws of MOS involved in discipline matters?
    5 days (to Dept Advocate or EMD)
  74. 206-08 Where does ranking officer notify for suspended UMOS? CMOS?
    • UMOS: IAB, Supv Ops, MOS cmd, MOS resident Pct (Boro for Capt)
    • CMOS: IAB, Operations, CMOS CO
  75. 206 Where must ranking officer fax 49 to for modified UMOS?
    Personnel Orders Section
  76. 206-17 Where does DO get removal firearms # from?
    Sick Desk Supv
  77. 206-17 Where does UMOS property other than shield/ID/Firearm get stored when firearms removed?
    Members Cmd
  78. 206-17 How many copies of "removal/restore firearms" report does MOS get from DO pct of surrender when trying to get firearms back?
    3 (sign pt B submit to your CO)
  79. 206-17 Where does CO fwd 2 copies of "Removal/Restore firearms" report to?
    Med Div
  80. 206-17 How many copies of "Removal/Restoration firearms" report does CO return to MOS after receiving from 1st Dep?
    • 2 copies if approved restoration
    • 1 copy is disapproved restoration
  81. 206-17 Where does CO direct MOS to report to when firearms removed for non disciplinary?
    0900 hrs permanent cmd, on business day, reg tour hrs when weekend or holiday (non enforcement duties)
  82. 206-17 If it was determined by Med Div no basis for non discipline removal of firearms where does DO ensure MOS report to?
    Early Intervention Unit next business day
  83. 206-17 How many copies of both supv's unfit for duty report (and 7 copies of 49) does CO send to 1st Dep?
    5 copies
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