Indoor air pollution chart

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  1. Sources of asbestos
    Used as fire retardant in:


    Floor tiles

    Roof shingles
  2. Sources of carbon monoxide
    Incomplete combustion from wood burning stoves and fireplaces, furnaces, kerosene, and gas.

    Also cars and cigarette
  3. Sources of Radon
    Break down product from Uranium decay from rocks and soil or in groundwater

    Uranium formations under buildings
  4. Sources of tobacco smoke
    Cigarettes, cigars, pipes
  5. Human health effects of asbestos
    Particles enter lung

    Lung irritant

    Lung diseases (Asbestosis)

    Lung cancer

    Other respiratory problems
  6. Human health effects of Carbon Monoxide
    Combines with Hemoglobin and reduces O2 in cells.

    Headaches, drowsiness, fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness,n nausea, death.
  7. Human health effects of Formaldehyde (VOC)
    Irritation of eyes, nose, throat

    Impaired breathing, asthma

    Lung cancer
  8. Sources of Formaldehyde
    Furniture, particle board, fiberboard, foam insulation, new furniture, and drapes.
  9. Human health effect of Radon
    Lung cancer
  10. Human health effect of Tobacco smoke
    Cancer (lung, mouth, throat)

    Respiratory problems-URI

    Ear infections

    Heart disease, emphysema
  11. Prevention, control, clean up of Asbestos
    Has been banned

    Removal or containment

    Some think risk is overstated
  12. Prevention, control, clean up of Carbon Monoxide
    Service appliances -- fix them

    Use electric or solar heat

    Stop smoking

    Ban wood stoves or wood burning
  13. Prevention, control, clean up of Formaldehyde
    Improve ventilation use

    Different building materials
  14. Prevention, control, clean up of Radon
    Seal cracks, increase ventilation
  15. Prevention, control, clean up of Tobacco smoke
    Stop smoking, ban indoor smoking, increase ventilation

    Outlaw smoking, indoor smoking,

    Increase excise tax on tobacco so people smoke less
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