Dental Assisting First 50 Questions

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  1. Important personal qualitites of the dental assistant include _____.
    Being Sincere
  2. The dental team member who assesses the patient's oral health needs and who is legally responsible for the care of the patient is the _____.
  3. Ethics deal with _____.
    Absolutes of right and wrong with no gray areas
  4. Who interprets and implements the state dental practice act regulation?
    The State board of dentistry
  5. The scientific study of the shape and structure of the body is _____.
  6. _____ are enamel-forming cells.
  7. The term ______ is used for a permanent tooth that replaces a primary tooth.
  8. The tapered end of each root tip is known as the _____.
  9. Which tooth-numbering system is used most often in the United States?
    Universal numbering system
  10. To be certain the anesthetic solution is not injected into a blood vessel, the dentist ______.
    Uses an aspirating syringe And always aspirates before depositing any solution
  11. _______ is frequently used on the mandibular teeth and is injected near a major nerve that numbs the entire area served by that nerve branch.
    Block Anesthesia
  12. The use of the anesthetic solution without a vasoconstrictor is recommended for patients with a history of _____.
    Recent Myocardial Infection
  13. Which of the following statements is true regarding prescriptions?
    Prescription pads should be kept in a locked drawer
  14. The part of the prescription that includes the name and quantity of drugs is the ______.
  15. Bacterial antibiotics _______.
    Inhibit the production of bacteria by interfering with their metabolic process
  16. The prescription abbreviation b.i.d stands for _____ day.
    Twice a
  17. Airborne transmission of disease can occur by:
    Aerosol Sprays, Handpiece Mists, and Splatter or Splashes
  18. Hands should be washed:
    Before Gloving and After Glove Removal
  19. The purpose of the bloodborne pathogens standard (OSHA) is to prevent the transmission of bloodborne diseases to the:
    Dentist/Employer, Employee, and Patient
  20. Dental instruments and materials are exchanged in the ______ zone.
  21. If isolation is important for a dental procedure but a dental dam cannot be used, what would be your choice of moisture control products?
    Cotton rolls and Dry-Angle
  22. A plastic U-shaped dental dam frame is placed ____ the dam.
  23. The purpose of inverting the dental dam is to:
    Prevent Saliva Leakage
  24. When using a color-coded charting system, existing amalgam restorations are shaded in ______.
    a. Black/Blue
    b. yellow
    c. green
    d. red
  25. The candidiasis infection is caused by:
  26. Symptoms of TMJ disorders include:
    Pain, Joint Sounds, and Limitations Of Movement.
  27. An infection that is short in duration is a(n) ______.
    Acute Infection
  28. Biological monitoring of all sterilizers must be done:
    Once A Week
  29. Transmission through the skin is known as _____ transmission.
  30. The goal of an infection control program is to prevent disease transmission from:
    Patient to the Staff, Staff to the Patient' and Patient to Patient
  31. _____ is the habitual grinding of your teeth, especially at night.
  32. The uses of dental radiographs include the detection of ______.
    Bone Loss In Its Early Stages
  33. Secondary radiation ______.
    Refers to x-radiation that is created when the primary beam interacts with matter
  34. The range of shades of grey between black and white on a radiograph is called _____.
  35. Damage caused by ionizing x-radiation to genetic cells ______.
    Can Guture generations.
  36. A lead apron and thyroid collar______
    Must be used on all patients for all exposures
  37. The bitewing radiograph is used for_____.
    Detecting Periodontal Disease and Detecting Interproximal Decay
  38. A periapical radiograph shows the tooth from the occlusal surface or incisal edge to the ________.
    Bone about 2 to 3 beyond the apex
  39. Incorrect horizontal angulation of the PID results in_____
    Overlapped Contact Areas
  40. Which of the following is a an extraoral film that is placed outside the mouth during x-ray exposure?
  41. The Term_____ is used to discribe the pictures that are produced with digital radiography.
  42. Radiograghs are the property of ______
    The Dentist
  43. Incorrect vertical angulation can result in an image that is__
    Elongated or Foreshortend
  44. Because of the curvature of the arch, a total of____ bite-wing films are taken on an adult patient.
  45. The strenght of an organism in its abilitynto produce disease is____
  46. The regulatory agency whose role it is to issue specific standards to protect the health of employees in the United States is_____
  47. The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard states that contaminated protective clothing______
    Can be laundered in the dental office, and Can be picked up by a laundry service
  48. Infectious wast is____.
    Contaminated waste that is capable of transmitting an infectious disease
  49. Eyewash Units______.
    Must be installed in every workplace where chemicals are used, according to OSHA regulations.
  50. Calcium Hydroxide______.
    Stimulates the production of reparative dentin.
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