Biochem Chapter 12

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  1. The lipid component of the membrane form?
    The barrier to permability
  2. The protein component of the membrane acts as a?
    Transportor system of pumps and channels that allow selected molecules into and out of the cell.
  3. The external membrane is called?
    Plasma membrane
  4. In eukaryotic cells also contain internal embranes that for the boundaries of organelles such as?
    mitochondria, chloroplasts, peroxisomes, and lysomes
  5. Membranes are...
    1.Sheetlike structures-only two molecules thick, that form closed boundaries btwn diff compartments. thickness btwn 60A-100A
  6. membranes consist mainly of?
    • Lipids and proteins- ratio of 1:4 or 4:1
    • Also contain CHO that are linked to the lipids or proteins.
  7. Membranes lipids are..
    small molecules that have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic moieties. These lipids form closed biomolecular sheets in aqueous media.
  8. Lipid bilayers...
    are barriers to the flow of polar molecules.
  9. Proteins in membranes serve as what functions?
    Pumps,channels, receptors, energy transducers, and enzymes. They are embedded in lipid bilayers,which create a suitable enviro for their action.
  10. Membranes are noncovalent or covalent?
    noncovalent assemblies and act cooperatively
  11. Membranes are asymmetric or symetric?
    asymmetric. The two faces of biological membranes always differ form each other.
  12. Cell membranes are polarized?
    electrically, such that the inside is negative
  13. Membrane potential plays a key role in?
    transport, energy conversion, & excitability
  14. Hydrophobic lipid owe their properties to one component,which is?
    fatty acids
  15. fatty acids are...
    Long hydrocarbon chains of various lengths and degrees of unsaturation terminated with carboxylic acid groups
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