CNS infections

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  1. Papilledema
    • Signifies inc ICP & impending herniation.
  2. Hematogenous spread
    • From:
    • inhalation
    • bites
    • thru placenta
  3. Direct extension
    Infection that is adjacent
  4. Direct inoculation
    • From:
    • basilar fracture
    • post-neurosurgical procedure
    • CSF shunt
  5. Meningitis
    • Worry about arachnoid and pia mater
    • inc WBC count
    • Carbonic anhydrase of SA space
  6. Encephalitis
    • Come from meningitis
    • inflammation of brain parenchyma --> cerebral dysfunction
  7. Kernigs Sign
    try to extend a raised 90 degree leg causes pain in the hamstring
  8. Brudzinskis
    Raise head of supine patient and the knee raises 90 degrees
  9. TB bacillemia
    • Primary or late reactivation of tuberculosis
    • subependymal tubercles rupture into the subarachnoid space which lead to meningitis.
  10. Dense gelatinous exudate that develops in TB meningitis
    • Occurs at the base of the brain
    • surrounds the arteries and cranial nerves at the base of the brain
    • leads to hydrocephalus, vasculitis
    • which leads to infarction
  11. Chronic meningitis of TB meningitis
    Grey-green gelatinous or fibrinous exudate in basal brain surfaces.
  12. TORCH complex agent of newborns
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Other (congenital syphilis and viruses)
    • Rubella
    • Cytomegalovirus
    • Herpes simplex virus
  13. AIDS
    The most common fungal meningitis
    The most common intracranial mass
    The most common neoplasm
    • Cryptococcal meningitis (fungal)
    • toxoplasmosis (IC mass)
    • EBV driven promary CNS lymphoma (neoplasm)
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