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  1. Extemporous Compounding
    The timely preparation of a drug product according to a phycisian's prescription, a drug formula, or a recipe in which the amounts of the ingredients are calculatedto meet the needs of a particular patient or group of patients.
  2. Class A prescription balance
    Class X prescription balance has a sensitivity requirement of 6mg.
  3. A Solution balance
    A single arm balance used for weighing large amounts.
  4. Counter balance
    a double-pan balance capable of weighing relatively large quantities
  5. Triturate
    to reduce particle size and mix one powder with another
  6. Geometric dilution
    the addition of approximately equal amounts of the prescription drugs when mixing in a mortar
  7. Graduate
    A marked (or graduated) conical or cylindrical vessel used for measuring liquids
  8. Meniscus
    The outer surface of a liquid having a concave or cresent shape, caused bt a surface lesion
  9. Electronic Balance
    A balance scale that varies based on its purpose; can be used to weigh bulk quantities greater than 1g. Standard prescription balances are accurate up to 1mg or smaller quantities down to 0.001mg.
  10. Taring
    resetting an electronic balance to a zero reading
  11. Suspending agent
    A chemical addition used in suspensions to "thicken" this liquid and retard setting of particles.
  12. Levigation
    The mixing of particles with a base vehicle, in which they are insoluable, to to produce a smooth dispersion of the drug by rubbing with a spatula on a tile
  13. Tare
    A weigh used to counterbalance the container holding the substance being weighed
  14. Thermal Sterilization
    hest; moist heat and dry heat are methods of heat or thermal sterilization.
  15. Chemical Sterilization
    process of completely removing or destroying all microorganisms by exposure to a chemical
  16. Filtration
    the process of passing a liquid through a porpous substances that arrests suspended solid particles
  17. Radiation
    use of X-rays, ultraviolet or short radio waves for treatment or diagnosis.
  18. Meniscus
    The concave surface of a liquid in a graduate is called
  19. Solutions
    Clear liquids in which drugs are completely dissolved
  20. The hazards of using organic solvents
    flammability, acidity
  21. A packet of external nutrition supplement diluted to what strength would yield the greatest volume
    two-thirds strength
  22. A master formula record should contain
    the initials of preparer and checking pharmacist
  23. What type of balance can weigh large quantities
    counter balance
  24. A thickening agent that gives some structure to a suspension
    Suspending agent
  25. The punch method is used to compound
  26. What piece of equipment is used to transfer solid ingredients to weighing pans?
  27. The device used to reduce the particle size of active ingredients.
  28. Class A prescription balance
    used to weigh small quantities
  29. Mortal and pestle
    Used to grind large particles
  30. Spatula
    Used to mix and transfer ingredients
  31. Graduate
    Used to measure liquids
  32. Ointment Slab
    Used to mix ointments
  33. The timely preparation of a drug product according to a prescribed recipe is called____________.
    Extemporous Compounding
  34. The correct reading of a liquid is at the bottom of the __________.
  35. The mixing of a powder into a vehicle in which it is insoluble to produce a smooth dispersion is called____________.
  36. The resetting of a balance to a zero setting is known as __________.
  37. __________ are dead cell particles that can cause a fever.
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