The Evolution of Fashion

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  1. Beginning of Couture:
    • - 1700's individuality of design befan to emerge
    • - styles were set by royalty and carried out by dressmakers
    • - 19th ventry opulent designs(custom tailored clothing) of the rich began to disappear; less elaborate dress became the order of the day
    • -late 1800's saw the onset of ready to wear - wide selection of mass-produced garments in standardized sizes.
  2. The Industrial Revolution:
    • - until 1770, products made by hand, cloth is still hand woven, cobbler still used a hammer, knife and awl to make a shoe over a last, or form
    • - growth in the middle class, prosper from new avenues of trade and industry
    • - changes in methods of production occurred, 1733, textile industry revolutionized by a series of time saving inventions
    • - late 1800's wonmen began to sew professional looking clothes at home
    • -1900 saw unionization of the garment industry , and fight to upgrad working conditions, benefits and salaries
  3. segments of the fashion industry:
    • - textiles
    • - manufacturers
    • - retailers
    • - fashion communications (media)
    • - market consultants
    • - designers
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