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  1. Accept is a --- that means
    verb, to take in
  2. Except is a --- means ----
    preposition, other than
  3. Adapt means to
    To get use to
  4. Adopt means to
    to take a human or an animal. You can adopt a child or a custom or law.
  5. Advice is a ---- that means ---
    noun, guidance
  6. Advise is a --- that means ---
    verb, recommand or counsel
  7. Affect is usually a ---- meaning to ----
    verb, influence
  8. Effect is usually a --- that means ---. When used as a verb, effect means ----
    • noun, result
    • to cause
  9. Aggravate is a --- that means to make ---
    verb, worse
  10. Irritating is a ---- that means to ----
  11. Aid means
    to assist
  12. Aide means
    a person who act as an assistant
  13. All ready is a phrase that means
    completely prepared
  14. Already is an adverb that means
    previously or by the time
  15. All together refers
    to people or things gathered in one place
  16. Altogether means
    entirely or wholly
  17. Allude means to make an
    indirect reference
  18. Elude means to
    evade or to escape understanding or attention
  19. Allusion is a noun that means
    an indirect reference to a person, event, or thing
  20. Illusion is a noun that means
    false impression
  21. Altat is a noun that refers to the
    table in churches where religious ceremonies are carried out
  22. Alter is a verb that means to
    change, modify, or adjust
  23. Among is used
    when you have more two people or things
  24. Between is used when comparing
    two people or things
  25. Antidote means
    is something used to counteract the effect of a poison or other underdesirable element
  26. Anxious means
  27. Eager means
    having or showing keen interest
  28. anyone is a pronoun that refers to
    any person but to particular individual
  29. Any one is an adjective phrase that refers to
    specific but unidentified things or individuals.
  30. Awhile is a adverb that means for a
    short time
  31. Awhile is a noun that refers to a
    period of time
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