The Endocrine System

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  1. Compare and contrast endocrine and exocrine glands
  2. discuss/identify the funtions of the endocrine system
  3. Define/Identify hormones
  4. Discuss/ Identify, briefly, the chemical structure of hormone
  5. discuss/identify, the action of local hormones
  6. explain/list the three types of stimuli that produce hormonal secretion
  7. describe/ identify, briefly, how hormones affect the cell function
  8. Describe/Identify the mode of transport of hormones
  9. Describe/Identify how hormones are destroyed
  10. Discuss/Identify with examples, positive and negative feedback mechanisms
  11. Describe/Identify the endocrine glands
  12. Describe/ Identify the location of each endocrine
  13. describe Identify the regulation of hormornal secretions of varios endocrine glands
  14. Explain/ Identify the location & anatomical divitions of the adrenal glands
  15. Discuss/Identify the hormones liberated by each endocrine gland and describe their major functions
  16. Define/ I dentify the body changes that occur when there is hypo secretion or hyper secretion of the hormones secreted by each endocrine gland
  17. Discuss/ Identify the function(s) of hormone(s) secreted by cells in those tissues and organs with endocrine funtion
  18. define/identify the stress
  19. define/identify the stress response produced
  20. describe/identify the stress response produced in various systems of the body
  21. describe/identify the changes thast occur to the endocrine glands with aging
  22. define/identify the role of massage in stress
  23. describe/identify the effects of massage on the endocrine system
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