Honour and Fleming - images chapter 13

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  1. Caravaggio, Conversion of St Paul, c. 1601. Oil on canvas, 2,3×1,75m. S Maria del Popolo, Rome.
  2. Annibale Carracci, ceiling fresco's, 1597-1600. Palazzo Farnese, Rome.
  3. David Teniers, The picture gallery of archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, c. 1647. Oil on canvas, 1×1,3m. Prado, Madrid.
  4. Peter Paul Rubens, Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus, c. 1616-17. Oil on canvas, 2,22×2,09m. Alte Pinakothek, Munich.
  5. Peter Paul Rubens, The Mirscles of St Francis Xavier, 1616-17. Oil on canvas, 5,35×3.95m. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
  6. Rubens, Portrait of Isabella Brant, c. 1622. Black, red and white chalk with light washes on light brown paper, 38×30cm. British Museum, London.
  7. Peter Paul Rubens, Landscape with Rainbow, c. 1635. Oil on panel, 95×123cm. Alte Pinakothek, Munich.
  8. Fra Andrea Pozzo, The Glorification of St Ignatius, 1691-94. Ceiling fresco in nave of Sant'Ignazio, Rome.
  9. Albert Eckhout, Tapuya war dance, 1641-43. Oil on canvas, 3×1,8m. National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.
  10. Anthony van Dyck, Charles I with M. de St Antione, 1633. Oil on canvas, 3,7×2,7m. Buckingham palace, London.
  11. Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith slaying Holofernes, 1620. Oil on canvas, 2×1,63m. Uffizi, Florence.
  12. Guercino, Woman Undressing, 1620. Pen, ink and wash on paper, 25 ×20 cm. British museum, London.
  13. Guido Reni, Atalanta and Hippomenes, 1625. Oil on canvas, 2×3m. Prado, Madrid.
  14. Bernini, Francesco I d'Este, 1651. Marble, 1m high with base. Galleria e Museo Estense, Modena.
  15. Bernini, Baldacchino in St Peter, Rome, 1624-33. Gilded Bronze, 29m high.
  16. Bernini, Cornaro Chapel, S Maria della Vittoria, Rome, 1645-52.
  17. Bernini, exstacy of St Teresa, detial of Cornaro altar. Marlbe, 3,5m hihg. S Maria della Vittoria, Rome.
  18. Bernini, Fountain of the Four rivers, 1648-51. Travertine and marble. Piazza Navona, Rome.
  19. Bernini, detail of the Fountain of the Four Rivers (1648-51).
  20. Francesco Borromini, S Agnese in Piazza Navona, Rome, 1653-55, completed 1666 by other hands.
  21. Frencesco Borromini, interior of dome, S Ivo della Sapieza, Rome, 1642.
  22. Pietro da Cortona, The trinity in glory, 1647-51. S Maria in Vallicella, Rome.
  23. Nicolas Poussin, The Arcadian Shepherds, 1630. Oil on canvas, 100×82 cm. Devonshire collection, England.
  24. Nicolas Poussin, The holy family on the steps, 1648. Oil on canvas.
  25. Claude Lorrain, Landscape with the father of psyche sacrificing to apollo, 1660-70, oil on canvas.

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Honour and Fleming - images chapter 13
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Honour Fleming images chapter 13

Honour and Fleming - images chapter 13
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