Honour and Fleming - images chapter 13 (2)

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    Francisco de Zubaran, St Francis in meditation, 1639. Oil on canvas 150×99cm.
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    Velasquez, Las meninas, Oil on canvas, 2,23×2,76m. Prado, Madrid.
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    Frans Hals, The merry drinker, 1628-30. Oil on canvas.
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    Frans Hals, Regentesses of the Old men's home, c. 1664. Oil on canvas.
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    Rembrandt, the nightwatch, 1642.
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    Rembrandt self-portrait, 1660.
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    Rembrandt, Christ healing the sick (de honderd gulden prent), 1648-50.
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    Rembrandt, The three crosses, 1653-60.
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    Rembrandt, return of the prodigal son, c 1669.
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    Jan van Goyen, View of Rhenen, 1646.
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    Jacobs van Ruisdael, Windmill at Wijk, 1665.
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    Aelbert Cuyp, The Maas at Dordrecht, 1650-90.
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    Meindert Hobbema, The avenue middelharnis, 1689.
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    Rachel Ruysch, Flowers in a vase, 1698.
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    Willem Kalf, still life, 1650-90.
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    Gerard ter Borch, The Gallant officer, c. 1662-63.
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    Judith Leyster, The proposition, 1631.
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    Pieter de Hooch, The linen cupboard, 1663.
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    Jan Vermeer, The art of painting, 1670.
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    Christopher Wren, St Pauls cathedral, London, 1675-1710.
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    Claude Perrault, Louis Le Vau amd Charles Lebrun, east front of the Louvre, Paris, 1667-70.
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    Louis le Vau and Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Palace of Versailles, 1669-85.
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    Garden facade of the palace of versailles 1669-85.
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    Antoine Coysevox, Louis XIV on Horseback, 1683-85. Stucco relief, over life size. Salon de la Guerre, Palace of Versailles.
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