Jeopardy for Inflammation and Immunity

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  1. What are the effects of histamine, prostaglandins, and bradykinin?
    Vasodilation and increased capillary permeability
  2. What sign of inflammation does increased capillary permeability produce?
    Edema in response to inflammation
  3. What is the action of helper (CD4) cells?
    Stimulates production of cytotoxic T-cells and plasma cells (immunoglobulins)
  4. Which 2 chemical mediators cause pain?
    Prostaglandins and bradykinin
  5. What are monocytes?
    High levels of leukocytes are present in chronic inflammation
  6. What is immunoglobulin G?
    Immunoglobulin that crosses the placenta and initiates the complement system
  7. What are the effects of the complement cascade?
    Opsonization, cell lysis, and chemotaxis
  8. What are adhesions?
    Fibrotic bands that hold together two structures that are normally separate
  9. What is a secondary immune response?
    Rapid proliferation of antibody production with largest increased in IgG
  10. What initiates the complement cascade?
    Immunoglobulins G and M
  11. What is dehiscence?
    Disruption of an incision with separation of the wound layers
  12. What is passive immunity?
    Immunity from a gamma globulin or from maternal source
  13. What is the purpose of chemotaxis?
    Chemical gradient that draws leukocytes to the site of inflammation
  14. What are risk factors for infection?
    Skin lesions, reduced ciliary function, alkaline gastric pH, and stress
  15. Why are the young and old at higher risk for disease?
    Lower immunity, skin issues, nutrition, hydration
  16. What is the action of interferons?
    They act to prevent replication of viruses
  17. What are the actions of exotoxins?
    Secreted from pathogens, they damage cell membranes and inhibit protein synthesis
  18. This pathogen does not trigger the immune system initially.
  19. What are actions of interleukin-10 and tumor growth factor?
    Cytokines that control or limit the inflammatory process
  20. What are tapeworms?
    Parasite transmitted via raw or undercooked meat or fish
  21. What are criteria for a diagnosis of AIDS?
    T-cell count < 200 and wasting syndrome and dementia
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