chapter 3

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  1. What is the full name and acronym of the federal agency mandated to regulate pesticides?
    Environmental Protection Agency EPA
  2. What is the full name and acronym for the law EPA uses to manage pesticides?
    Federal, Insecticide, Fungicide, Rodenticide, Act. FIFRA
  3. FIFRA governs the licensing or registration of pesticide products. Before a pesticide may be marketed in the US What must EPA do?
    They must review the application, approve each use pattern and they must assign a product registration #
  4. Discuss two types of penalties defined by FIFRA for applicators that violate the law.
    Criminal or Civil penalties
  5. 5. Does FIFRA provide for prison terms for violators of the law?
  6. What are regulations?
    Regulations are interpretations of the law that have the force of a law.
  7. Define Restricted entry interval.
    immediately following an application no person without protected clothing may enter the area
  8. EPA regulations require warnings be given to workers. Discuss the warning requirements
    The warnings should be done orally or by posting or both. they must be written so the employees can understand the warning.
  9. What is EPA's pesticide registration decision based on?
    EPA's pesticide registration decision is based on evaluations of test data provided by the manufacturer.
  10. If EPA determines that a pesticide poses a risk to workers, what options for regulation does EPA have?
    EPA can change entry intervals, change applications, warn workers that an application occurred and post signs.
  11. If EPA determines that a pesticide poses a risk to consumers what options for regulation does EPA have?
    EPA can require longer pre harvest intervals, changes in the manufacture processes, they can also suspend or cancel the use of the pesticide
  12. Which federal agency sets food tolerances for pesticides? Which federal agency enforces food tolerances for pesticides?
    The EPA sets the tolerances but the FDA enforces the food tolerances.
  13. What is the purpose of the tolerance program?
    The purpose of the tolerance program is to ensure that the consumers do not get exposed to unsafe food-pesticide residue levels.
  14. Which act is administered by EPA to manage all hazardous waste?
    The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  15. How can triple-rinsed used pesticide containers be disposed of?
    They can be disposed of at an EPA approved landfill without an ID # or further regulation.
  16. FIFRA allows states to establish standards. What kind of standards?
    More strict
  17. Which agency administers the Hazard Communication Standard?
  18. Applicators generate waste during normal work operations. List those that are "regulated waste" under RCRA.
    Regulate waste includes unrinsed containers, excess pesticide and pesticide dilution, rinse water which contains a listed chemical and cannot be properly used.
  19. The regulations interpreting the Transportation Safety Act are contained in 49 CFR. What do these regulations cover?
    These regulations cover any safety aspect of transporting hazardous materials, including the packing, repacking, handling, describing, labeling, marking, placarding and routing of such materials.
  20. What is the act SARA 3 designed to do?
    it is designed to let the communities know of the storage of hazardous chemicals in the vicinity and addresses the need for community emergency response plans in case of an accident.
  21. What is an endangered species?
    An endangered species is a plant or animal that is close to extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.
  22. Which federal agency determines what species are endangered?
    Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
  23. If a pesticide is found to jeopardize and endangered species, what changes may happen to the pesticide label?
    They would change the specific restrictions or have you read an endangered species bulletin with directions fro the use of the pesticide where endangered species may be affected.
  24. Who ultimately bears the responsibility of protecting endangered species from pesticides?
    The Applicator
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