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  1. 3 Major reason why a cells becomes less capable of independent existence as it becomes more specialized?
    • less able to protect its
    • less able to see and eat food
    • less able to excrete waste products
  2. cells in multicellular animals are completely dependent on
    the internal environment
  3. when interstitial fluid enters blood vessels
    blood plasma
  4. when plasma enters the lyphatic system it becomes
  5. the extracellular fluid is
    interstitial fluid, blood plasma, and lymph
  6. The cardiovascular system consists of
    blood, blood vessels, and the heart
  7. the lymphatic system consists of
    the lymph, lymphatic vessels, and structures and organs that contain lympatic tissue
  8. Lympatic systems role in protecting the body from spread of diesease
    LS recieves interstital fluid , which includes wastes, microorgs, ccancer, and filters it through lymph nodes concentrating disease producing orgs and providing defense mechanisms for the body prior to returning the fluid to the blood.
  9. whole blood
    celllike portion- the formed elements, and straw colored liquid portion- plasma- 55%
  10. PLASMA components
    • 91.5% Water
    • 8.6% solutes- plasma proteins- maintained at specific concentrations
  11. Plasma Proteins found in the
  12. plasma proteins divided into three large groups
    • albumins-54%
    • globulins-38%
    • fibrinogen-7%
  13. used as a carrier of some blood solutes, major contributor to viscosity and osmolarity of the blood
  14. involved in solute transport and blood clotting, the gammas are for anitbodys( immunity)
  15. fibrinogen
    percursor to fibrin used in blood coagulation
  16. RBC are ___ than other blood component so they go to the ___ of the tube in a ____
    • denser
    • bottom
    • hematocrit
    • constitute 45% of total volume of blood
  17. what is the buffy coat?
    atop of the RBCs makes up less than 1% composed of leukocytes and pallets.
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