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  1. Who was prime minister from 1963-68?
    Lester B. Pearson
  2. When was Quebec's Quiet Revolution?
  3. Who are Federalists, separatists, nationalists and militants
    Federalists: Want more say in federal government

    Nationalist: Wants more independance

    Separatists: Want to separate.

    Militants: Want a violent revolution
  4. Who was the premier of quebec during the quiet revolution?
    Jean Lesage
  5. Who was a journalist during the quiet revolution?
    Rene Levesque
  6. What flag did Pearson favor?
    Pearson's Pennant

    3 maple leaves with blue sides
  7. What was the unofficial flag of canada before 1965?
    The red ensign
  8. What did the symbols on the red ensign stand for?
    England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Canada
  9. What was Canada's official flag before 1965?
    The Union Jack
  10. When was Canada's centenial?
  11. Which French president said "Vivre Quebec Libre!"?
    President Charles De Gualle
  12. What was the name for Pierre Trudeau's popularity?
  13. Which prime minister introduced Medicare?
    Lester B. Pearson, 1968
  14. What were some social changes in the 1950s?
    • - Birth of the Nuclear family
    • - Stay-at-home moms
    • - Father seen as the "breadwinner"
    • - Car culture
    • - Social organizations for children
    • - shopping malls
    • - the teenager
  15. What were some things Trudeau did to create "A Just Society"?
    • - Decriminalized homosexuality
    • - Divorce laws, equal for men and women, less separation time
    • - Legalization of birth control
    • - Legalization of abortion
  16. When and what did was bill 101?

    • - French only official language
    • - Signs in French
    • - Only French schools
  17. Why was there a federal deficit in the 1970s?
    • - Social programs
    • - OPEC oil crisis, prices for oil were rising, alberta disagrees with lowered price
  18. Who and what party governed quebec in 1980?
    Rene Levesque, Parti Quebequois
  19. What is sovereignty association?
    When a country is independent, but still has economic association with the mother country, like a common currency.
  20. When was the first Quebec referandum?
    May 1980
  21. Who was Pierre Trudeau's right hand man, who helped a lot in the referandum?
    Jean Chretien
  22. What did Trudeau promise during the first referandum?
    He promised things would change and that he would repatriate the constitution.
  23. What were the results of the 1980 referendum?
    • 60% Non
    • 40% Oui
  24. What is a Constitution?
    A written document on how government should operate.
  25. Why did Trudeau have difficulties repatriating the Constitution?
    He needed to have a substantial number of premiers who supported him, although the gang of 8, especially Rene Levesque were against him.
  26. How did Trudeau get the premiers to agree with him to repatriate the constitution?
    In the 1881 meeting, while Rene Levesque was away, Trudeau secretly bargained with the other gang members to get them to agree.
  27. When and what changes were made when the BNA act became the Constitution act?

    Changes: Canada had control of it, an amendment formula was added, and The Charter of Rights was added (including the notwithstanding clause)
  28. What year was the October crisis?
  29. Who was kidnapped by the F.L.Q.?
    James Cross (lived) and Pierre Laporte (died).
  30. What did Trudeau do about the October Crisis?
    He invoked the War Measures act, and 500 were arrested, only 32 charged
  31. Describe the process of repatriating the Constitution.
    • 1. Canada Act- Britian signs off control of Canadian laws, ending BNA act
    • 2. Constitution act- Charter of rights and Freedoms added, changes made
    • 3. Proclamation- Queen Elizabeth signs act, makes the constitution into law
  32. What and when was the Meech Lake Accord?
    1987- Gave Quebec status as a distinct society so they could sign the constitution
  33. What mistake did Brian Malrooney make in the Meech Lake accord?
    He gave the legislatures 3 years to agree to the accord.
  34. Who defeated the Meech Lake accord and how?
    Elijah Harper defeated the accord by arguing that Aboriginal people deserve special status just as much as the french.

    Women, and other minorities also disagreed with the accord because they were not consulted.
  35. What and when was the Charlottetown accord?
    1992, similar to Meech lake accord, except less privilages to Quebec
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