Army Regulations and FM's

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  1. What army regulations covers ASAP?
    AR 600-85
  2. what army regulation covers ACS
    AR 608-1
  3. what regulation covers ACES
    AR 621-5
  4. what regulation covers army learning centers
    AR 621-6
  5. what Army regulation covers sexual assault prevention and response program
    AR 600-20
  6. what army regulation covers the EO programm
    AR 600-20 chapter 6
  7. what army regulation covers the weight control program
    AR 600-9
  8. what FM covers physical training
    TC 3-22.20
  9. what FM covers the M16/A2 rifle
    FM 3-22.9
  10. what Army regulation covers the wear and appearance of the military uniform
    AR 670-1
  11. What FM covers leadership
    FM 6-22
  12. what FM covers training the force
    FM 7-0
  13. what field manual covers counseling
    FM 6-22
  14. What FM covers guard duty
    FM 22-6
  15. What FM covers first aid for soldiers
    FM 4-25.11
  16. what FM field sanitation team
    FM 4-25.12
  17. What FM covers field sanitation
    FM 21-10
  18. what army regulation covers the army material maintenance policy
    AR 750-1
  19. what FM covers field manual for map reading and land navigation
    FM 3-25.26
  20. What AR covers military justice
    AR 27.10
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Army Regulations and FM's
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