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  1. What mood is stressda t the outset of the play
  2. Why does marcellus tell horatio to speak to the ghost
    Because he can speak latin and it is believed that is what ghosts speak
  3. What current events are discussed as the men await the ghost
    People working day and nigh, the coming conflict and fortenbroth
  4. What possible reasons for the ghosts appearance are discussed
    hidden treasure, help your countries fate, unfinished business, mourning, avenge death
  5. what unnatural happenings does horatio equate with the ghosts appearance
    assination of julius ceasar, eclipses, walking dead, meteors and commets
  6. what is the atmosphere of the court routine that begins scene 2
  7. What attitude dominates Hamlets personality in scene 2
    Mourning and sorrow
  8. How does hamelts soliloquy betray his melancholy
    he feels helpless
  9. What historical event might shakespeare be using as reference
    Henry the 8th
  10. What is Hamlet like when he is with Horatio
    Very open
  11. What is the effect of Horatios news of the ghost
  12. What is the effect of Laertes talk with Ophelia in Scene 3
    She becomes rather submissive
  13. What is the significance of plonius' advise to Laertes
    It reveals his hypocrasy
  14. IN scene 4 what facts emerge from Hamlets conversation withg horatio
    hamlet dosnt like the kings attitude
  15. How does gamlet approach the ghost
    cautiously, praying
  16. In scene 5 why is the ghosts reminder about his descent to hell significant
  17. What is the unknowing rony in Hamlets reply to the ghost
    The legnth of time that passes before anything actually happens
  18. Hamlet seems genuinly horrigied at the ghosts revelation. Has he had no hint of evil?
    Not quite
  19. What does Hamlet realize after talking with Ghost
    He is the only one still in mourning over his father
  20. What change of mood occurs with scene 1
  21. What news does Ophelia bring Polonius
    That Hamlet is acting strange
  22. What is the significance of the meeting between the royal couple and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
    Parrallels and plots
  23. Why is Fortinbras mentioned again?
    Because he is foil to Hamlet
  24. What is Hamlets reception of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
    He is thrilled to see them
  25. Why is Hamlet excited to see the players
    He gets to see the world beyond denmark
  26. What is the iportance of the reference to jephthah
    He sacrificed his daughter as Polonious is doing
  27. What is the importance of Hamlets speech to the players
    It grabs the audiences interests
  28. What emotion dominates the soliloquy that follows when hamlet is alone
    Guilt over not acompleshing his fathers request
  29. What feelings permeates the first part of act III scene 1
  30. What meaning is given to claudius' aside as they plan ophelia's actions?
    They are evil and know it
  31. What major philosophical points dominate hamlets soliloquy in act III Scene 1
    Suicide, Church, law, life after death, Good and evil
  32. Why is hamlet so brutal to Ophelia?
    He knows that she is a spy (his view of his mother clouds his view of all women)
  33. Is Ophelia guilty of any of the "womanly" sins of which Hamlet accuses her of?
  34. What is the purpose of Ophelia's remembrance of the former Hamelt
    To show how much he has changed since then
  35. How do Polonious and Claudious view hamlets meeting with ophilia
    P believes that it might not be madness from love but still supspects so. C knows it is not from his madness
  36. What incedent occurs in the scene with the players
    Hamlet transfers reality into appearance
  37. How does hamlet act before the play begins
    He insults Polonious' acting ability and is very rude to ophelia
  38. What is the purpose of the scene with horatio in act 3
    So hamelt has some one to explain his plans to
  39. What is Hamlet hoping o accomplish in he speech of the player queen to the player king
    He wants his mom to admit how sinfull and disloyal she is
  40. How does the perfromance temporarily shift the circumstances?
    Hamlet is in charge instead of Claudious
  41. What stress is laid on Hamlet's confrontation with Gertrude
    He is going to be sent to england
  42. What extended simile does hamlet employ with rosencrantz and guildenstern
    He is comparing them to recorders
  43. What is the iron of hamlets concluding remarks in Act III Scene 2
    He dosnt actually take any action
  44. What action does claudius take against hamlet after the play
    He is going to send hi to england
  45. What is the effect of claudius' soliloquy
    The ghost is good
  46. What facts emerge from Hamlets talk with his mother in scene 4
    How to do evil with out being evil
  47. What is the importance of polonius death
    Hamlet is seen as a murderer
  48. What explanation does Gerturde offer for polonius murder
  49. In what mood does Hamlet speak with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
    Humorously mad
  50. What is Claudius attitude in scene
    Finding a sollution to his problems
  51. How does Fortinbras compare with Hamlet
    He is a man of action and hamlet isnt
  52. What new insight does Ophelias grief evoke
    The realtionship of Ophelia and Polonius
  53. How is ophelias madness portrayed
    Through song, the true and pretended madness
  54. What does Laertes anger show
    he is a man of action
  55. What is the function of act IV scene 6 with horatio
    To give info on what has happened to hamlet
  56. What final plans are arranged in act IV scene 6
    To poision hamelt with a sword or a drink
  57. What is the effect of the Clowns converstation
    Comic releif, juxtaposional comparison of actuall clowns
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