Ex. Metabolism Exam II

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  1. Strength training effects on aerobic power and short term endurance (Hickson et al), Results are....
    • 1. 78% increase of squat strength
    • 2. 42% increase of knee flex strength
    • 3. 90% increase of knee ext strength
    • 4. increase thigh girth
    • 5. decrease % of fat
    • 6. increase weight
    • 7. increase slightly Max VO2 l/min on bike
    • 8. no change Max VO2 ml/kg/min on bike
    • 9. no change Max V02 md/kg/min on treadmill
    • 10. no change Max V02 l/min on treadmill
    • 11. increase 47% time to exhaustion on bike
    • 12. increase 12% time to exhaustion on treadmill
    • 13. blood lactate levels same after training
  2. Control is exerted on the motoneuron pool thus...
    at any level of excitation or inhibition, only a fraction of neurons are stimulated
  3. Elevation of oxidative capacity should occur specifically in motor units, thus...
    • A. Increase of oxidative capacity (OC) occurs exclusively in deep red muscle
    • B. At increased training speeds OC increases in peripheral white motor units
    • C. Sedentary people exhibit highest increases in STR fibers and lowest FT fibers increases
    • D. Recreational athletes exhibit increased STR and FTR fibers, little change to FTW
    • E. Highly trained increased in all STR, FTR, and FTW

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Ex. Metabolism Exam II
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Muscle effects and adaptations on exercise
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