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  1. a, ab, abs
    (away) from, by (abl.)
  2. ac, atque
    and, also
  3. accippio, ere, cepi, ceptus
    receive, accept
  4. Acestes, ae m.
    king in Sicily
  5. actus, a, um
    up, come, lead on
  6. ad
    to, torward
  7. adfore, adforem, es, et
    be present, assist (dat.)
  8. adsum, esse, fui
    be present, assist (dat.)
  9. Aeneas, ae, acc., an, m
    Trojan prince, son of Venus and Anchises
  10. aequor, oris n
    sea, waves
  11. age, agite (ago)
    up! come! lead on!
  12. agmen, inis n
    army, line, troop
  13. ago, ere, egi, actus
    lead, drive, do
  14. ajo, ais, ait, ajunt
    say, speak, assert
  15. alius, a, ud
    other, another, else
  16. altus, a, um
    (on) high, lofty
  17. amor, oris m
    love, desire, passion
  18. Anchises, ae, acc en m
    Trojan prince, father of Aeneas
  19. anima, ae f
    air, breath, life
  20. animus, i m
    soul, spirit, breath
  21. ante
    before (acc), sooner
  22. antiquus, a, um
    ancient, old, aged
  23. ara, ae f
  24. ardeo, ere, arsi, arsus
    burn, be eager
  25. arma, orum n
    arms, equipment
  26. arvum, i n
    plowed land, field
  27. arx, arcis f
    citadel, fort
  28. at, ast
    but, yet, however
  29. ater, tra, trum
    black, gloomy, deadly
  30. atque, ac
    and, also, as
  31. audio, ire, ivi, itus
    hear (of), hearken
  32. aura, ae f
    breeze, air
  33. aurum, i n
  34. aut
  35. bellum, i n
  36. caelum, i n
    sky, heaven
  37. campus, i m
    plain, field
  38. capio, ere, cepi, captus
    take, seize, catch
  39. caput, itis n
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