SMU Patho Part 1 Exam Ch 2

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  1. What is Homeostasis?
    a state in which all symptoms are in balance at an ideal “set point” despite alterations within the body
  2. What is Homeostatic response?
    a tendency to stabilize an organism’s functional systems, despite changes both internally and externally.
  3. What are Threats to Homeostasis?
    • Pysical
    • - external -> temp extremes, traumatic injury
    • -internal -> infection

    • Psychological
    • -emotional stress
  4. Homestasis is controlled by _________ loop?
    Neg. feedback loop/system
  5. Regardless of the nature of the danger, the maintenance of homeostasis, the response is the same.

    What are those resposes systems?
    Baroreceptors, Vasopressin/ ADH from post pit., Hypothalmic mediatied response, Parathroid.
  6. Basic Homesotatic Response Sys
    response to acute blood pressure changes
  7. Basic Homesotatic Response Sys
    from post pit in response to serum osmolality changes
  8. Basic Homesotatic Response Sys

    Hypothalamic mediated response to _____?
  9. Basic Homesotatic Response Sys
    response to serum Ca levels
  10. What is allostasis?
    • the extension of the concept of homeostasis and represents the adaptation process of the complex physiological system to physical, psychosocial and environmental challenges or stress.
    • recognition complexities and variable levels of activity necessary to re-establish or maintain homeostasis through the capacity to change
  11. What is Allostaic Load?
    the long-term result of failed adaptation or allostasis, resulting in pathology and chronic illness
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