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  1. How did Rome become a world power
    First Rome united Italy under it. Then after defeating Carthage, Rome gained the Western Med. Strong in war the Romans moved to the east conquering Greece and controlling Egypt.
  2. Boudicca revolt
    Destroyed roman cities in Britian but romans crushed it and maintained power.
  3. TRUE about Emperor Claudius
    • His legions conquered Britian
    • He ruled in the first century
    • He was followed/succeeded by Nero
  4. How did Marius & Sulla change roman politics?
    they made their legions loyal to them personally thus starting a trend that Roman politics are controlled by generals fighting eachother
  5. How did Octavian become sole ruler of Rome
    Defeated rival Marc Anthony at Actium and then in Egypt
  6. Jesus is called Christ because
    It is Greek for Messiah
  7. Fall of Roman republic meant
    People of Rome no longer chose their leaders
  8. Sources for the details of the life of Jesus
    Come from Christian gospels
  9. Which belief do Christians and Jews both accept
    The Ten Commandments
  10. Paul of Tarses
    Preached that christianity was not just for Jews but for all people.
  11. The council of Nicea
    Proclaimed the doctrine of the trinity
  12. TRUE about the Roman language
    • called Latin
    • Letters are like english
    • forms basis of modern day FRENCH
  13. TRUE about Roman construction
    • used concrete
    • used many arches
    • built roads, sewers, aqueducts
  14. Four worlds of history
    • culturall
    • political
    • economic

    NOT geographic
  15. Roman Emperors
    • Augustus
    • Nero
    • Caligula
    • NOT Virgil
  16. Title & postitions of roman gov
    • Consul
    • Censor
    • Tribune
  17. TRUE about first punic war
    • carthage was forced to pay indemnity as part of peace treaty
    • Romans learned how to build war ships and created a navy
    • It began with conflict over Sicily
  18. People important to christianity in Rome
    • Jerome
    • Theodosius
    • Constantine
  19. TRUE about Julius Caesar
    • Conquered Gaul
    • Ruled Rome alongside Pompey and Crassius until Civil War broke out
    • Stabbed to death by senators who thought he was becoming like a king

    DID NOT conquer Persian Empire of Hannibal
  20. Ambition in Rebuplican Rome
    Desire to bring honor to family by getting high positions in Roman gov and making rome stronger
  21. TRUE about Battle of Stamford Bridge
    • king of norway was unprepared for battle and lost to king of england
    • king of england won but soon had to move army south
    • Harold Godwinson reaced his army to the north catching the Viking army off guard

    NOT King of england caught the Vikings when their ships were landing on the beach
  22. TRUE about Battle of Hastings
    • The hard fought battle turned when Harold Godwinson was struck in the eye with an arrow
    • Duke of Normandy invaded England facing a large Saxon army
    • William may have used fake retreats to pull Harold's men away from defensive positions

    • NOT Saxon and Welsh longbows destroyed Norman Knights
    • NOT Saxons defended a bridge keeping Normans out
  23. TRUE about Norman conquest of England
    • Destroy much of Saxon nobility
    • Bring feudalism to England
    • Bring french words into English language

    NOT Bring first christian missionaries to england
  24. TRUE about after the Norman conquest
    • Feudalism came to england
    • French became the language of nobility in england
    • King created a survey of land and property called Domesday Book

    NOT king created a system of shires to administer England.
  25. TRUE about feudal justice
    • Trial by ordeal
    • Compurgation or oath taking
    • Trial by battle

    NOT trial by jury
  26. TRUE about Charlemagne
    • expanded kingdom into larger empire
    • favored education and libraries
    • wanted a renewal of roman empire

    • NOT defeated muslims at battle of tours
    • NOT conquered England
  27. Emperor Henry IV wanted to create bishops because
    bishops were important vassals who provided military and financial support
  28. Oldest french dynasty
  29. The "vassal received a fief with serfs" could mean
    The knight had land and servants
  30. Best describes first crusade
    The Crusaders conquered several cities including Jerusalem
  31. TRUE about 3rd Crusade
    • Salah al din's capture of Jerusalem inspired the Crusade
    • It included kings of france and england
    • Emperor of germany died on the way to the Crusade

    NOT Included Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitane
  32. Alfred the Great
    Allowed former Vikings to live in Northern England under their own laws
  33. TRUE about Eleanor of Aquitane
    • Mother of 2 kings of england - Richard I and John I
    • Married Louis VII
    • Married Henry II

    NOT the daughter of Emperor Henry V or Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou
  34. TRUE about People's or Popular Crusade
    • Some of the crusaders destroyed jewish neighborhoods in Germany
    • Most of the crusaders were killed or captured by Turks
    • It included Walter the penniless and Peter the Hermit

    NOT destroyed Constantinople
  35. TRUE about why the first crusade was called
    • Christians wanted to capture Jerusalem
    • Byzantine empire needed help fighting the Seljuk Turks
    • The pope hoped to repair the church that had split 50 years before

    NOT Muslim arabs had recently captured Jerusalem for the first time.
  36. Reign of King John of England
    Nobles rose up against him because of taxes
  37. How did peter the hermit help the crusaders at antioch?
    Found the holy lance or holy spear which inspired the crusaders to defeat a superior muslim army
  38. TRUE about Gothic Style
    • large stained glass windows
    • Flying buttresses
    • Spires

    NOT large domes and Doric columns (those are Roman)
  39. Where does word sherrif come from?
    saxon methods of diving land
  40. TRUE about story of Peter Abelard
    • Medieval Church
    • Romance
    • The growth of universities and knowledge
    • NOT the growth in power of kings
  41. Henry II became king of england because of
    He had a claim to the throne through his mother and convinced the sitting king to make him his heir
  42. TRUE about Thomas Beckett
    • He opposed Henry II on many matters
    • He was killed by Henry II's knights
    • He had been a friend of Henry II

    NOT caught in a scandal with Heloise
  43. Thomas Aquinas
    Wrote Summa Theologica that resolves many issues between faith and reason

    • NOT Went on first crusade
    • NOT Got into conflict with Henry II
  44. TRUE about Henry II
    • Married eleanor of aquitane
    • Created system of circuit judges and juries for england
    • was Duke of Normandy

    NOT went on first crusade
  45. TRUE about 4th Crusade
    • Crusaders captured a powerful christian city and took treasures
    • Pope Innocent III excommunicated the crusaders for attacking a christian city
    • Crusaders conquered Constantinople
    • NOT crusaders captured jerusalem
  46. A group of people living together in the middle ages copying books and educating people would be in a
  47. Charlemagne
    • ordered bishops to create libraries
    • founded schools for young nobles
    • gathered scholars to produce new standard bible
  48. True about who thought they should be king of england when edward confessor died
    • Harald Hardrada
    • Harold Godwinson
    • William of Normandy
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