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  1. Agriculture
    process of raisinf products from soil
  2. What is one of the most important industries in the world?
  3. Agriculture provides us with
    • food
    • clothing
    • medicines
    • shelter
    • industrial products e.g. paint
  4. approximatly ____ % people who work in agriculture
  5. in north america only _____% of population employed in agriculture
    2-3% of population employed in
  6. In some parts of Asia and Africa ___% employed in agriculture
    80% of people employed
  7. One of the worlds oldest industries are
  8. Categories of agriculture
    • Commmercial
    • Subsistence
  9. Commercial agriculture
    • Growing of crops for resale
    • - produce more food then required for eating
    • -Most of farmers in NA would be considered commercial farmers
  10. Commercial farmers can be divided into groups
    • Specoalized
    • Diversified
  11. Specialized farming
    • Income is earned by
    • Producing one type of crop
    • .................or
    • Rasing one type of live stock
    • on one farm
  12. Diversified farming
    • Income earned by
    • variety of crops
    • .............or
    • Variety o flivestock
    • on one farm
  13. Subsistence farming
    people grow enough food for them and their family only to survive
  14. Subsistence farming devied into categories
    • shifting cultivation
    • intensive crop cultivation
    • nomadic herding
  15. shifting cultivation occurs mainly in
    tropical areas
  16. shifting cultivation is when
    • Larger sections of forests are slashed and burned
    • burning releases nutrients stored in forests biomass
  17. how long does shifting cultivation use land to grow crops
    and hpw long regeneration takes place
    • until land has lost its nutrients takes only couple of years
    • 10-30 years
  18. Intensive crop cultivation
    • countries were amount of land available for agriculture is scarce
    • land has to produce larg amount of food
    • this type of agriculture is very labour intensive and can become very costly
  19. Nomadic herding
    • grasslands are not bery fertile
    • families travel from one location to another with their herds
  20. Crops divided into
    • Cereals
    • Oilseeds
    • Forage
    • fruit and vegtibles
    • specialty crops
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