pmap 4051 lecture 1

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  1. Define Developmental Evaluation.
    Analysis of the societal problem’s logic model to determine if and why a program is needed (Front End Analysis)
  2. How does Externl Analysis differ from Internal Analysis?
    • Independence
    • Experience
    • More holistic: big picture
    • Trust;honesty
    • Greater credibility of findings
  3. What is Summative Evaluation?
    • (Outcome) determine merit, worth. After the
    • program is completed
  4. What is Monitoring and Auditing Evaluation?
    Working with subjects, waste of funds, inappropriate resources
  5. Describe the ATM approach.
    • A- Antecedent conditions (the why)
    • T- Program activities Target antecedents
    • M- Measurement issues: indicatiors and objects for outcomes
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