Science- plants

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  1. Which scientist disproved the theory that plants ate soil?
    Van Helmont
  2. Complete the sentenses:
    Raw materials for photosynthesis are (a) and (b).
    • (a)= carbon dioxide
    • (b)=water
  3. Complete the sentenses:
    The sugar made by photosynthesis is (a).
    (a)= glucose
  4. Which process releases carbon dioxide into the air?
    aerobic respiration
  5. What is this called:
    A + B (arrow) X + Y
    a word equation
  6. What is the word equation for aerobic respiration?
    Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon dioxide + Water
  7. How does a tree survive winter?
    Relies on the stored food
  8. What two thing do we need from plants?
    Oxygen and glucose
  9. What is the main difference between respiration and photosynthesys?
    Photosynthesis happenes on in sunlight, respiration happens all of the time
  10. What four things are required for photosynthesis?
    • Water
    • Carbondioxide
    • Chorophyll
    • Light
  11. Where are plants in a food chain?
    At the bottom
  12. What are the two reacants in aerobic respiration?
    • glucose
    • oxygen
  13. Why do plant cells respire?
    Because it create food and energy from the plant
  14. Where do photosynthesis happen?
    In the leaves of the plant
  15. Where will a plant get mineral salts?
    From insects if it doesn't have enough
  16. Whay are mineral salts needed?
    To keep the plant healthy
  17. Why are nitrates needed?
    To make proteins in the plants
  18. What do paliside cells do?
    Move toward/ aways from the light and contain chloroplasts
  19. How are xylem cells adapted to their function?
    They hollow out to let water pass through.
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