English Voci 6

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  1. There is something about this case that just doesn't (aufgehen)
    add up
  2. In spite of all its (Fortschritt), medical sicence still knows a little about the brain.
  3. It turns out that Richard had (Hintergedanken)
    hidden agenda
  4. The business that will survive will be those that (vorhersehen) changes in technology.
  5. It's his job to (zuweisen) to the various members of the team.
  6. The takeover deal is a (Goldgrube, Glücksfall) for small companies hoping to make a quick profit
  7. They blamed the confusion on a (Zusammenbruch) in communication between departments.
  8. (Starke Argumente für etw. liefern) for reducing taxes right now.
    A case can be made
  9. We’re operating in a global market, the so-called (grenzenlos) economy.
  10. Stevens played a key role in (aufbauen) the company.
    build up
  11. Are you (mich überprüfen) again?
    checking up on me
  12. I’d like (beteiligen, einsteigen) here and make a suggestion.
    to come in
  13. This programme could not have been successful without Ken’s valuable (Beitrag).
  14. We are still hopeful that further talks will result in a (Einigkeit).
  15. Notfallplan
    contingency plan
  16. über etw. nachdenken
    deliberate over something
  17. New funding has enabled the hospital to purchase (auf dem neusten Stand) technology.
  18. Police are launching a new (Razzia) on drug users.
  19. I think we all know each other, so we can
    (ohne etw. auskommen)
    dispense with the formalities
  20. sich unterscheiden von
    differs from
  21. This subject will be covered (gründlich, ausführlich) next term.
    in depth
  22. Kate has a very (bodenständig, pragmatisch) approach to
  23. Schlange von Arbeitslosen
    dole queue
  24. Guidelines have been (verfasst, entworfen) for dealing with
    draw up
  25. Our goal is to (befähigen) everyone on our staff.
  26. I discovered that Rose had been (unsere Konversation mithören) about salary cuts.
    eavesdropping on our conversation
  27. My secretary (jem. über etw. ins Bild setzen)
    will you fill in on the details
  28. übertreiben
  29. jem. Erwartungen entsprechen
    meet our expectations
  30. All credit card information (ist verschlüsselt) for your security.
    is encrypted
  31. Can you (sich wegen etw. nochmal mit jem. in Verbindung setzen) by the end of the day?
    get back to me on those figures
  32. (flache) management structure
  33. Do you think we should mention (die Vorgänge, das Treiben) in the flat opposite to the police?
    the goings-on
  34. für etwas grünes Licht geben
    the go-ahead
  35. Attempt (umsetzen, realisieren) change have met with strong opposition.
    to implement
  36. Ziel festlegen / definieren
    establish / define goals
  37. angemessen, unangemessen
    adequate, inadequate
  38. International cooperation is (unentbehrlich) to resolving the problem of the drug trade.
  39. hinterherhinken
    lag behind
  40. etw. zum Bestandteil von etw. machen
    incorporate something into something
  41. Two more banks have collapsed, prompting fears of a global financial (Kernschmelze).
  42. We (staunten) at the view that opened up before us.
  43. Can I (die Reisebuchung Dir überlassen), Dan?
    leave the travel arrangements with you
  44. überwachen, bewachen
  45. The document (zusammenfassen, darstellen) our company’s recycling policy.
  46. We have allowed our leading businesses to be bought up by foreign (Raubtiere).
  47. His eyes are showing the effects of (ausgedehnt) exposure to the sun’s rays.
  48. Our first objective is (die Beschaffung) of cutting-edge technology.
    the procurement
  49. Verletzung der Privatsphäre
    invasion of their privacy
  50. Your employment (Aussicht) would be much better if you finished your degree.
  51. The cost of conversion to western technology would be (hier: untragbar).
  52. an die Öffentlichkeit
    go public
  53. Freizeitaktivitäten
    recreational activities
  54. Ray (seine Autorität spielen lassen) and refused to let George put his proposals before the board.
    pull rank
  55. She was (abgeneigt) to leave.
  56. The progress of each child must be regularly (überprüft).
  57. It’s easy to get (abgelenkt) by the design details.
  58. Try not to (überstürzen etw. tun) into a decision
    rush into
  59. Do you want me to (Details mit jem. durchgehen) again?
    run you through the details
  60. He tends to (jem. ausschliessen) other speakers and dominate every meeting.
    shut out
  61. The trip was (abgesagt, streichen)
  62. Schwangere Frauen nach Diabetes untersuchenf
    screening pregnant women for diabetes
  63. sich etw. zum Ziel machen
    have your sights set on something
  64. You could (das Argument weiterführen, steigern) and say that smoking should be made illegal.
    take the argument further
  65. Überwachung
  66. They were interested (ausschliesslich) in schemes that would make a lot of money.
  67. If we can (unser Schema gemäss Plan entwickeln) we will create two million new jobs.
    keep the scheme on track
  68. I (verfolgte) him as far as the factory.
  69. jem. ablehnen
    turn somebody down
  70. The bridge has (sich unterziehen) a series of modifications and will be re-opened in two weeks.
  71. The economy seems to be on the (aufschwung).
    upswing (opposite = downswing)
  72. The firm was later (aufgelöst, liquidiert) with debts of £104,000.
    wind up
  73. Der Anfang vom Ende
    the thin end of the wedge
  74. We ought to (zum Abschluss bringen) this meeting and get back to work.
    wrap up
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