History Final 1 Islam

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  1. German Tribes
    • Franks
    • Vandals
    • Saxons
    • Visigoths

    NOT Cumans or Huns or Celts
  2. TRUE about Diocletian
    • born into poor family and worked his way up through the military
    • persecuted Christians
    • divided empire in eastern and western halves to make it easier to rule

    NOT last emperor of Pax Romana or united roman empire
  3. TRUE reasons Byzantine empire was able to survive
    • Constantinople's location allowed goods and ideas to be traded between Asia and Europe
    • Strong army that could withstand attacks
    • East had always been the richer part of the roman empire

    NOT none of its neighbors were powerful empires but rather weak tribes
  4. TRUE about what women could do under Justinian's law
    • Divorce husband if he was brutal to her
    • Own property
    • Raise her own children when her husband died
    • NOT become a priest
  5. TRUE about life of Muhammad
    • caravan trader
    • exposed to jewish and christian thought
    • became the prophet of islam

    NOT thought he was born son of god.
  6. TRUE about Mecca
    • most important pilgramage site in islam
    • city where muhammad was born
    • important trade center for the Bedouin who visited the Kabah or Cube

    NOT The whole city converted ti Islam soon after muhammad received word from an angel
  7. Medina
    Originally called Yathrib

    NOT site of Kabah or converted to Islam after Muhammad raised army to conquer it
  8. TRUE about Baghdad
    • largely destroyed by Mongols
    • center of Muslim science
    • built by Abu Jafar al Mansur

    NOT capital of Umyaads
  9. Damascus
    • Located in Syria
    • NOT most impt capital of Abbassids
  10. The first year of the muslim calendar marks the year of
    of the Hegira or Hijrah

    NOT when Muhammad met the angel
  11. TRUE about who converted to Islam
    • Turks
    • Persians
    • Arabs
    • NOT Armenians
  12. TRUE about Sunni & Shi ah split
    • Husayn, Ali's son was killed by Umayyads at Karbala
    • Shi ah believed descendants of Muhammad should lead muslims
    • Sunni supported Umayyad caliphs

    NOT sunni believed 12th imam would reappear
  13. TRUE about Mawails
    • were non arab converts to Islam
    • preferred the ababasids
    • Were required under Umayyads to pay the jizya
  14. TRUE of Fatamids
    • take control of North Africa
    • Oppose lifestyle of Abbassid leaders
    • consider themselves descendants of Fatima

    Did NOT favor the Sunni
  15. TRUE about five pillars of Islam
    • Pray 5 times a day
    • Fasting during month of Ramadan
    • Giving money to help poor

    NO pilgramage to Jerusalem (should be mecca)
  16. which best describes fall fo Umayyad dynasty
    the mawalis who felt ill treated joined with the Shiites to support a revolution
  17. Sharazad, Sinbad, Ali Babba & Aladdin are most connected to
    The Thousand and One Nights

    NOTthe shiite movement
  18. Adrianpole in 378 was
    site of Visigoth victory over romans and death of the emperor
  19. An argument that western church used to support icons
    they helped illiterate people learn about religion
  20. Seljuk Turks
    became powerful enough to conquer Persia

    NOT first converts to islam
  21. Ulama is
    • group of experts on islamic law
    • NOT collection of hadiths
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