Magnesium Sulfate

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  1. Mechanism of Action;
    essential for muscle contraction; causes CNS depression and controls seizures by blocking release of acetylcholine at the myoneural junction; decreases sensitivity of motor end plate to acetylcholine and decreases excitability of motor membrane.
  2. Indications;
    correct hypomagnesemia in Torsade de pointes, ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, cardiac arrest; management of eclampsia of pregnancy, , status asthmaticus
  3. Contraindications & Precautions;·
    • Contraindications; hypocalcemia, heart block; do not administer in toxemia during the 2-hour period before delivery.
    • Precautions; rapid IV administration. May cause respiratory or cardiac arrest
  4. Route and Dosage;
    Cardiac arrest: 1-2 gm in 10 ml IVP; Torsade de pointes; 1-2 gm in 50-100 ml of NS IV over 5-20 min.; Eclampsia: 4 – 5 g IV infusion over 5-10 min
  5. Adverse reactions and side effects;
    • resp. depression and arrest, arrhythmias, hypotension;
    • to reverse these effects, hyperventilate pt. and admin. IV bolus of 10% calcium gluconate 10-20 ml.

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Magnesium Sulfate
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Magnesium Sulfate

Type of drug; Electrolyte, antiarrhythmic, anticonvulsant
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