Medical terminology

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  1. cranial cavity
    • the brain, head, skull, neck
    • cranial
    • Ex: pertaining to the skull
    • cervical
    • Ex: pertaining to the neck; there are seven cervical vertabrae in the neck region. C1-C7
  2. thoracic cavity
    • the chest, collar bone
    • Ex: pertaining to the chest
    • thoracic vertabrae
    • Ex: there are twelve thoracic vertabrae and each bone is joined to a rib. T1-T12
  3. dorsal cavity
    • posterior, back of the spine, back
    • Ex: pertaining to the back or behind
    • dorsal
    • Ex: pertaining to the back
  4. ventral cavity
    • anterior ventral, front of the spine, front
    • anterior
    • Ex: pertaining to the front
    • ventral
    • Ex: pertaining to the front of the body
  5. vertebral cavity
    • spinal, spine, lower back
    • vertebral
    • Ex: pertaining to the vertebrae
    • lumbar vertabrae
    • Ex: loin (waist region) between the ribs there are five lumbar vertabrae. L1-L5
  6. abdominal cavity
    • peritoneum
    • Ex:peri=surrounding or around
    • Abdominal
    • Ex: pertaining to the abdomen
    • sacrum
    • Ex: five bones are fused together to make one bone
  7. pelvic cavity
    • coccyx, tailbone
    • Ex: coccygeal= pertaining to the coccyx
    • pelvic
    • Ex: pertaining to the pelvis
    • coccyx
    • Ex: the tailbone is a small bone composed of four fused pieces.
  8. deep
    • away from the surface
    • Ex: the stab wound penetrated deep into the abdomen.
  9. superficial
    • on the surface
    • Ex: superficial veins can be viewed through the skin.
  10. proximal
    • near the top, close to an attachment
    • Ex: the proximal end of the upper arm bone (humerous) joins with the shoulder bone.
  11. distal
    • far from the top, far from an attachment
    • Ex: at its distal end the humerus joins with the lower arm bones at the elbow.
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