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  1. Explain attitudina
  2. What is the precedent that came from McCulloh vs. Maryland?
    Established national supremecy and implied powers; use of the elastic clause; state unable to tax feeral government
  3. What is the role of caucuses?
    To shape the angenda of Congress by elavating their issues or interests to a prominent place in the daily workings of Congress
  4. What does the Commitee of a Whole refer to?
    Whoever has the floor during a debate
  5. True or False: Congressional power is exercised primarily by committees?
  6. What are delegated powers?
    Powers that are directly stated in the Constitution
  7. In the House of Representative ehat can force a bill out of comittee/
    discharge petition
  8. How were senators chosen before the 17th Ammendment?
    By state legislature
  9. What is cloture?
    Rule used by the Senate to end or limit debate and designed to revent "talking a bill to death" aka filibuster
  10. What is bicarmelism?
    Having two seperate houses of government
  11. What do we have bicarmlism?
    • Cheacks and balances
    • federalism
    • equal representation
  12. Who is the most important person in the House of Representatives?
    The Speaker of the House
  13. What are conference committees?
    Committees that consist of members from both the House and the Senate but are formed exclusively to hammer ou differences between the House and the Senate
  14. Explain representational views?
    Members vote according to their constituents to secure re-election
  15. What is redistricting?
    The act of redrawing district lines in a state accoriding to the population of that state. Each new district must contain a certain number of people
  16. What is pork barrel legislation?
    Legislation that gives tangible benefits to the constituents in severl districts or states in hopes of winning their vote in return
  17. What is a census and what does it do?
    A census is a survey of all the people living in the Country. With the information gained from is, the government is able to apportion the states and determine how many people a representative represents
  18. What is not strictly a delagated power?
  19. Explain Organizational views
    The belief that since most constitueints do no tknow how their state legislature votes, its not important to please them
  20. What is extraditing?
    The legal surrender of a fugitive to the jurisdiction of another state, country, or government for trial
  21. What are select committees?
    Committes formed for a specific purpose and are usually temporary
  22. True or False:
    The US Constitution provided that a tax reform bill must first be considered by the House Ways and Means Committee
  23. What is pigeonholig?
    The act of forgetting a bill for a week or foreve so that it never makes it out of committee
  24. What are implied powers?
    Powers that are hinted at by the Constitution; powers made through the elastic clause
  25. What are reserved powers?
    Powers reserved to the states by the US Constitution
  26. What is the House of Rules and why is it important?
    The House of Rules decides is a bill shoul be discussed by open or closed rule and whether amendments can be added to the bill
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