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  1. Kapo
    Prison gaurd that is also a prisoner
  2. Rabbi
    Jewis Scholar and leader of the jewish congregation
  3. Kaddish
    Prayer for the dead
  4. Beadle
    A caretaker in the synogogue
  5. Rosh Hashanah
    Jewish new year
  6. Yom Kippur
    Holiday where jews must fast
  7. Torah
    • The 1st of 5 books that make up the hebrew bible
    • 24 books total
  8. Talmud
    A collection of teachings of the early Rabbis from the 5th/6th centuries
  9. Phylacteries
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  10. Phylacteries
    Arm and head phylacteries worn on weekday mornings consist of leather boxes, painted black, held in place by leather straps. In the boxes are scrolls of parchment with passages from the Torah.
  11. Passover
    A Jewish holiday that is celebrated for 8 days each spring to recall the Exodus of Jews from Egyptwhere they were held in slavery.
  12. Zionism
    The belief that Jews must once more become a nation with land of their own in Palestine
  13. Genocide
    The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group
  14. Annihilation
    Total destruction
  15. Holocaust
    State-sponsored systematic persecution of European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its corroborators between 1993 and 1945
  16. Commemoration
    The act of honoring the memory of or serving as a memorial or someone or something
  17. Totalitarioanism
    Total control of a country by its government
  18. Anti-Semitism
    ill feeling or hatred towards Jews
  19. Prejudice
    irrational hatred of a person group or race based upon a preconcieved opinions or judgements
  20. Stereotype
    Generalization of a person; a person who is regaurded, not as an individual, but as a member of a group or nationality
  21. Belated
    Done or sent too late
  22. Conception
    Fromation of an idea
  23. Duration
    how long something lasts
  24. Expire
    to come to and end, to die
  25. Incessantly
    Constantly; continually; without interuption
  26. Medieval
    • reffereing to the middle ages
    • from 475-1450
  27. Renaissance
  28. Respite
  29. Simultaneous
    at the same time
  30. Subsequently
    • one after another
    • subsequent year
  31. Anarchy
    • lack of government
    • disorder and confusion
  32. Authoritarian
    Requiring complete control or obedience to a person or group
  33. Conservative
    • resistant to change
    • cautious
  34. Delegate
    • Representative
    • To give out power
  35. Dominion
  36. Inaugurate
    To install into office by formal ceremony
  37. Liberal
    • Favoring social progress
    • Generous
  38. Spartan
    Lacking in comfort
  39. Tyrant
    Cruel and absolute leader
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