Root words

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  1. Magnum Opus
    The Greatest work by an artist, writer, composer.
  2. Fortuitous
    Happening by a lucky accident or change
  3. Elegiac
    mourning that which is lost or past, sorrowful
  4. Bacchanal
    A drunken party or celebration
  5. Static
    Having no motion or change
  6. Stasis
    condition in which there is no change
  7. Elegy
    A song or poem memorialing someone or something
  8. Languish
    to waste away
  9. Jocose
    cheerful, merry
  10. Vigilant
    on the alert, watchful
  11. Synergy
    the power that results from the combination of tow or more forces
  12. Fete
    to honor with a banquet or feast
  13. Depose
    To remove from office or power
  14. Requiem
    A song or religious service for the dead or lost
  15. Stanch
    To stop the flow of
  16. Sopor
    Sleep, drowsiness
  17. Festoon
    To drape or adorn festively
  18. Consortium
    A group of companies or institutions
  19. Languor
    Lack of physical or mental energy
  20. Acquiesce
    to give in
  21. Ecstasy
    Intense Joy or delight
  22. Soporific
    Causing sleep or fatique
  23. Essence
    The most important ingredient
  24. Predestination
    The belief that ones fate has been determined in advance by a higher power
  25. Restive
    • 1. Resisting authority, difficult to control
    • 2. Restless, fidgety
  26. Discomfit
    To embarrass
  27. Extant
    Still in existence, not destroyed
  28. Somnolent
    Drowsy, sleep
  29. Quintessential
    the most typical idea or important
  30. Quittance
    A repayment, compensation
  31. Feasible
    Capable of being accomplished
  32. Liturgy
    A pattern of prayer or worship
  33. Verdure
    Greenery, fresh and ripe vegetation
  34. Denigrate
    To attack the character of, to mock
  35. Pejorative
    Negative and critical; insulting
  36. Malaise
    A sense of unease, depression
  37. Negligible
    Unimportant, insignificant
  38. Malign
    To speak of maliciously, insult
  39. Impeccable
    having no flaws
  40. Impair
    To cause to diminish as in strength, value, or quality
  41. Peccadillo
    Small sin or fault
  42. Negligent
    Not properly attentive
  43. Pallid
    Lacking color, dull
  44. Surfeit
    Condition of being too full, over abundance
  45. Languid
    Lacking energy, weak
  46. Malfeasance
    Misconduct or wrong doing, especially by a public official
  47. Edification
    Improvement or enlightenment
  48. Propitious
    Lucky, favorable
  49. Propitiate
    To soothe or satisfy, to appease
  50. Lethargy
    A state of sluggishness, inactivity and apathy
  51. Entity
    A being
  52. Modus operandi
    Manner of working
  53. Opulent
    Possessing or exhibiting great wealth
  54. Plaintive
    Sorrowful, expressing or evoking mourning or sadness
  55. Apropos
    With regard to
  56. Elaborate
    To explain in great detail
  57. Destine
    Intend for a specific end or purpose
  58. Vigilante
    Someone who takes law enforcement into his or her own hands
  59. Belabor
    • 1. To discuss in too much detail
    • 2. To attack
  60. Staunch
    Firm and steadfast
  61. Laborious
    Requiring mental or physical effect
  62. Consort
    • 1. To keep company, associate
    • 2. A companion, especially a romantic one
  63. Bacchic
    Of or related to a wild celebration
  64. Jocular
    Characterized by joking
  65. Plaint
    A lament or complaint
  66. Appall
    To fill with horror or disapproval
  67. Pallor
    Extreme or unnatural paleness
  68. Pall
    to be pale
  69. Livid
    Enraged, furious
  70. Candid
    Open and sincere
  71. Incandescent
    Shining brilliantly
  72. Candor
    Frankness or sincerity or expression openess
  73. Viridity
    Lack of experience, innocence
  74. Verdant
    Green, lush with vegetation
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