Positions for Examination

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  1. Fowlers
    Head of bed up 45 to 60 degrees
  2. Semi - Fowlers
    Head of bed up at about 30 degrees
  3. Lateral
    Patient on his side with spine in good alignment and parallel to the edge of the mattress with head, neck and upper arm supported in good anatomical position and supported by pillows with a pillow at the back for support (side-lying)
  4. Sims
    Proned at 45 degrees to left or right side with lowest leg extended and uppermost leg flexed at 45 to 90 degrees (Also called semiprone or forward side-lying)
  5. Prone
    Lying on abdomen with head turned to one side
  6. Supine
    (Also known as decubitus) back-lying position with legs slightly abducted
  7. Lithotomy
    Back-lying position with hips and knees bent and feet in stirrups (or legs bent so that the thighs are flexed backward onto the abdomen, lower legs are resting on the upper thighs and the thighs are abducted) [used for gynecological exams and procedures]
  8. Dorsal recombent
    (also called modified lithotomy) - patient lying flat on his back with knees flexed
  9. Trendelenburg
    Bed flat with head of bed below the level of the heart
  10. Reverse Trendelenburg
    Bed flat with foot of bed below the level of the heart
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