4.1 and 4.2

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  1. What is an angle in standard position?
    Which way do the positive angles rotate?
    • - vertex must be at origin
    • - initial side must be on the x- axis
    • - counter clockwise
  2. What is a coterminal angle?
    two or more angles that terminate in the same place
  3. What is the sum of complements and supplements?
    • C: 90
    • S: 180
  4. What is the formula for radian measure?
    • Image Upload
    • where theta is the central angle, s is the length of the intersected arc, and r is the radius
  5. What is the relationship between degrees and radians?
    • 360o= 2Image Upload
    • or 180o= pi
  6. What is the formula for finding length of the circular arc?
    • Image Upload
    • Theta must be in radians. So you have to convert it first by doing pi/ 180.
  7. What is the formula for angular speed?
    Image Upload
  8. What is the formula for linear speed?
    Image Upload , where t is time
  9. What are the six trig functions?
    • sine= y/r csc=r/y
    • cos= x/r sec= r/x
    • tan= y/x cot= x/y
  10. What is the domain of sine and cosine? Range?
    • domain: all real numbers
    • range: the set of real numbers from -1 to 1 inclusive
  11. What are the only two even trig functions?
    cos and sec
  12. What are the reciprocal identities?
    • sin= 1/ csc
    • cos= 1/ sec
    • tan= 1/ cot
    • csc= 1/ sin
    • sec= 1/ cos
    • cot= 1/ tan
  13. What are the quotient identities?
    • tant= sint/ cost
    • cott= cost/ sint
  14. What are the pythagorean identities?
    • sin2t+ cos2t= 1
    • 1+ tan2t= sec2t
    • 1+ cot2t= csc2t
  15. How do you find periodic properties of sine and cosine?
    • sin Image Upload= sint
    • cos (Image Upload)= cost
  16. What are the periodic properties of tangent and cotangent?
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload
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