Evidence - Relevance

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  1. Generally
    • Evidence is relevant if it has any tendency to make any material fact more or less probable.
    • Otherwise admissible evidence can be excluded if it’s probative value is substantially outweighed by NUWCUM: needless presentation of cumulative evidence, unfair prejudice, waste of time, confusion of the issues, undue delay, misleading the jury
  3. P's accidnent history
    • Inadmissible
    • But is Admissible if the cause of P's injuries is in issue
  4. Similar Accidents Caused by Same Event or Condition
    • D's other accidents inadmissible, only suggest general character for carelessness
    • But allowed if same instrumentality or condition and under substantially similar conditions for one of following purposes
    • 1. to show existence of dangerous condition
    • 2. causation of the accident
    • 3. prior notice to D
  5. Intent in Issue
    Prior similar conduct of a person may be admissible to raise an inference of person's intent on a later occasion
  6. Comparable Sales on Issue of Value
    selling price of other property of similar type, in same general location, and close in time to period issue, is some evidence of value of property at issue
  7. Habit
    • Habit is a repetitive response to a particular set of circumstances, measured by frequency and particularity
    • Admissible as circumstantial evidence of how the person acted on the occasion at issue
    • Distinguished from character evidence which refers to a person's general disposition or propensity
  8. Industrial Custom as Standard of Care
    • Evid as to how others have acted in the recent past may be admitted re appropriate standard of care
    • not conclusive
    • not binding
  10. Liability Insurance
    is inadmissible for proving fault or its absence, but it can be used to establish ownership/control where D denies it or to impeach a witness for bias (must give limiting instruction)
  11. Subsequent Remedial Measures
    not admissible to show negligence/product defect, but it can be used to show ownership/control or feasibility where D denies it
  12. Settlements of Disputed Civil Claims
    • INADMISSIBLE: settlement, offer to settle, statements of fact for the purpose of settlement discussions
    • EXCEPTIONS: for purpose of impeaching a witness on ground of bias and statements to gvoernment regulatory agency
    • EXCLUSIONARY RULE ONLY APPLIES if there is a CLAIM that is DISPUTED at time of settlement discussions as to validity or amount of damages
  13. Plea Bargaining
    • INADMISSIBLE: offer to plead guilty, withdrawn guilty plea, plea of nolo contendere (fine in VA), statements of fact during any of above discussions
    • Guilty pleas may be used against D in subsequent litigation from the STO. This doesn’t include offers to plead guilty, withdrawals of guilty pleas, statements of fact made during withdrawn pleas and offers, and No-Lo pleas (In Va, No-Lo pleas can be used against D is subsequent civil litigation arising from the STO)
  14. Offer to Pay Hospital or Medical Expenses
    Offers to pay hospital/medical bills are inadmissible. But this doesn’t cover statements made in connection with an offer
  16. Criminal cases
    • Character evidence can only be used where character is an essential element in the case (defamation, child custody, negligent hiring), to impeach, and to show a criminal D’s conformity if D opens the door by offering reputation or opinion testimony of a relevant trait.
    • If D opens the door, the prosecution may rebut with specific instances if he has a good faith basis or by calling his own witnesses to contradict D’s testimony.
    • In self-defense cases, D can open the door by putting on reputation/opinion evidence of V’s violent character, and the prosecution can rebut with evidence of V’s peaceable character or of D’s violent character
  17. Rape Shield Law
    • prevents D from offering evidence of V’s prior sexual activity, unless SCM: it’s to prove the semen wasn’t his, to prove prior consent, or if it would violate D’s constitutional right because V had motive to falsely claim the sex was nonconsensual in order to preserve her relationship with a TP.
    • D’s prior rapes and molestations can be used against him to prove conformity
  18. Civil Cases
    • Unless character is an essential element, it’s
    • inadmissible in a civil case.
    • Character is never an essential element in a criminal case.
    • In criminal cases, the prosecution can use character evidence in its case in chief for other purposes:
    • MIMIC: motive, intent, lack of mistake or accident, identity/modus operandi, common scheme or plan.
    • Character can be used for MIMIC purposes
    • in civil cases as well.
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